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Eternal youth. Many, including Ponce DeLeon, have sought that elusive secret for thousands of years. No one has ever discovered it.However, scientists have found the secret to looking younger and reducing the effects of premature aging. It’s called Resveratrol, and it’s the primary ingredient in Vine Vera luxury skin care products. Vine Vera cosmetics have an astonishing ability to promote younger-looking skin which is robust, moist and healthy. Wrinkles and fine lines seem to fade away, faces look clearer and appear to glow. How is this possible? Resveratrol
Vine Vera Skin Care main Ingredient Resveratrol Many substances have been extracted from plants, vegetables and fruits and then used as natural supplements. Resveratrol, taken from the skin of red grapes, is the one of the most powerful of all when it comes to the crucial function known as antioxidation. Simply put, cells in the body are damaged as they age by a chemical process known as oxidation. It’s the same process that causes apples to turn brown after they’ve been cut open, and causes iron to rust. Antioxidants stop that process. That’s where Resveratrol comes in. As a strong antioxidant, it is able to inhibit the body’s aging process by protecting DNA and cells from much of the damage which naturally occurs as they grow older. There’s even more to the amazing story of Resveratrol. It’s a natural organic chemical known as a polyphenol. And it’s the only polyphenol that’s scientifically proven to activate a gene in the body called SIRTI, also known as the “longevity gene.” SIRTI promotes the creation of new cells while inhibiting the destruction of old ones, so this longevity gene – activated by Resveratrol – actually helps slow the effects of aging. Some believe it may even reverse those effects. This isn’t all just theory. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin, among others, have confirmed that Resveratrol does indeed protect skin from the damage done by ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. And another group of scientists recently reported their findings that the substance has been found effective in reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles while improving skin tone. The miracle of Resveratrol is the big secret behind the effectiveness of Vine Vera cosmetics. It’s the most powerful anti-aging ingredient that can be used in skin care products. And it’s the main component of every product we sell. We don’t stop there, however.

Natural Vitamins VV-Cabernet-Collection Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate), Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate) are also powerful antioxidants. They’re important for overall health, and even more important when it comes to the health of your skin. Humans consume at least some of them through our diet; carrots and dark greens are high in vitamin A, peppers, broccoli and cauliflower provide C, and spinach, nuts and avocados have lots of E. Many people also take them in pill form, of course. But the inclusion of these vitamins in Vine Vera skin care products, particularly when used in combination, drastically increases the products’ anti-aging, protective and regenerative performance. Here’s why:

  • Vitamin A is essential in boosting the amount of moisture in your skin as you age, preventing it from drying out and becoming dull. It also shrinks the size of the glands in your skin which produce oil, thereby limiting or even preventing acne.
  • Vitamin C encourages your body to produce collagen, which is the main structural protein in your skin. When you get older, your body doesn’t produce enough collagen naturally, so your skin loses some firmness allowing fine lines and wrinkles to develop. Extra collagen production can ensure firm and younger-looking skin.
  • Vitamin E is effective against the skin damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet light, the primary environmental cause of premature aging. It also combines with vitamin C for even more protection against, and treatment of, sun damage – and it pairs with vitamin A to ensure your skin stays moist and clear.

All Vine Vera cosmetics contain some or all of these crucial vitamins, in order to ensure the ultimate in skin health. Extracts, Minerals and Oils Many other carefully selected natural ingredients add curative and restorative power to the Resveratrol and vitamins in Vine Vera skin care products. Different extracts, minerals and oils are added to different formulations, but these are some of the most important you’ll find:

  • Green Tea Extract – Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, or Green Tea, has been used for Chianti-Set thousands of years as an anti-aging supplement. Recent studies have proven the wisdom of that usage; the substance has been shown to revitalize skin cells which are nearing the end of their natural life, while also boosting the body’s production of replacement cells. That means your skin looks healthier and is revitalized more efficiently. Green Tea is also an effective anti-inflammatory agent – and it acts effectively against the inflammation responsible for skin problems like rosacea, while also reducing the redness and irritation often seen with sensitive skin.
  • Citrus Peel Extracts – Vine Vera makes use of these natural extracts in its cosmetics, not only for their pleasing aroma, but because they’re loaded with the antioxidant power of vitamin C. In fact, studies have shown there are even more antioxidants in the peels of citrus fruits, than in the actual fruits themselves. These extracts dramatically increase our products’ ability to treat and even potentially reverse premature aging. Additionally, the essential oil in citrus fruit extracts, d-limonene, is a strong weapon in the battle to reduce acne.
  • Caffeine – That’s right, caffeine. It’s best known as the stimulant in coffee, soda and tea. But it also has strong natural anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties when applied externally. You’ve read plenty here about skin care and the importance of fighting inflammation. But the anti-aging power of caffeine is interesting; what it does is constrict the blood vessels in your skin, effectively tightening it to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your face.

Vine Vera Cosmetics is proud of our reputation for offering the finest in rich, luxurious and effective skin care products – and the healthier skin and younger look they create. Our natural ingredients, particularly Resveratrol, are the real story behind our success.

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  1. barbara joan kramer

    I am now a member of the vine.vera skin care line of users. Just yesterday was my inauguration. I went to the Fashion Fair Mall in Fresno, CA with only one need to satisfy…to return a piece of jewelry that did not “work” for me. I was captured and seduced by a young man just 25 feet from my destination. I realized that I had time to chat, but determined to resist any purchase that was excessive. . Well…from the first sample of exfoliating gel on my hand …to the gentle facial by this handsome young man of European accent…I was hooked. From one step to another, e.g. exfoliation, moisturizing, serums,
    antioxidants, and all the gorgeousness up to and including the packaging…I did it all. So now…the truth is in the cause. Too soon to cite look-at-me-now…’s…. Only one treatment into it…, I am determined to scrub, smear, and massage myself with all of these vine.vera products. And when I learn how, to send a picture, you will be the judge of age versus beauty. And just to be sure, I am drinking large amounts of red wine to cleanse inside as well as out !
    BJK !


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