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Vitamin E Oil Massage

Woman getting an oil massage

Vitamin E has many health benefits. Your doctor may recommend it for boosting your immune system, preventing stroke induced brain damage, and even curing certain cancers. But vitamin E can also do wonders for your nails and skin. Read on to learn about how vitamin E oil can be beneficial to your nails, hands and feet.

Vitamin E can be taken orally or in liquid form. “Oral vitamin E increases blood circulation, thus improving the amount of blood flowing through the nail-growth structures,” says health writer Kathy Mayse. Nails are created from dead keratin cells which accumulate as a result of cell formation and division in the nail growth structure.  This would not be possible without adequate blood supply. An increase in the blood supply may lead to faster, stronger, healthier growth.

Vitamin E oil can also be applied directly to nails. Bad habits, natural elements, and the manicure process can make nails dry and brittle and ultimately damages cuticles. When cuticles dry out, they lose natural fats which help keep them soft. Vitamin E can be instrumental in keeping them moisturized and healthy.

Vitamin E oil can be extracted directly from vitamin E capsules or bought in oil form. Deblina Biswas at The Fit Indian recommends coating all nails with the oil and massaging gently for five minutes before going to bed for best results. Doing this on a daily basis can result in noticeable changes in nail appearance and condition.

Vitamin E oil can also be used to soften rough patches of skin on your body, and what more common place to find rough patches than the bottom of your feet? The website ‘Dan Likes This’ recommends an effective process involving vitamin E oil to keep your feet from getting dry and rough:

  • Soak feet in Epsom salt and water for 30 minutes
  • Remove loose, dry skin by scrubbing with a toothbrush
  • Rub vitamin E oil on affected areas or all over feet
  • Put socks on to keep oil on your feet
  • Repeat process for at least 5 days

Dan stresses the importance of using a quality Vitamin E oil, and not a cream.

Like your feet, hands can get excessively dry as well and vitamin E oil can help. People looking to relieve problems with dry skin can treat hands by massaging in vitamin E oil. For an effective treatment, apply vitamin E on hands before bedtime, cover with gloves and leave on overnight. Some believe that vitamin E can help reduce the appearance of scars which commonly appear on hands but research as to whether this is true is inconclusive.

So, we see how massaging Vitamin E into skin helps to soften and moisturize hands and also help blood circulation. For the ultimate in healing, softening and soothing, ask your massage therapist to add Vitamin E into the massage oils he or she is using for your next session. I can’t think of anything more wonderful.