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Benefits of Topical Vitamin E


With the recent inundation of skin products on the market, some of the more natural options are sometimes overlooked. Vitamin E is a necessary part of the skin’s antioxidant defense. It is remarkably safe and can be taken in quantities as high as 3200 IU per day, more than 100 times the US RDA. Vitamin E is a necessary part of the skin’s antioxidant defenses.  It has been shown to have an oxygen sparing effect on the heart, break sown blood clots and prevent more from forming  and promote healing of skin with less scar tissues and protect against UV rays and free radical damage.

It should be mentioned that Vitamin e in its most natural form is called D-alpha with mixed natural tocopherols.  There  are synthetic versions that are cheaper and less effective so if you want the real thing, look for D-alpha tocopherol on the label.

Uses of Topical Vitamin E

On Burns
You can drip Vitamin E on burnt skin by applying oil directly  or splitting the Vitamin capsule open.  Vitamin E is capable of healing even 3rd-degree burns.  Twice daily applications are recommended and skin should be dry before applying.  The burn should heal with less scarring and inflammation.

For sunburns, you can mix some 400 IU capsules with olive oil.  Not only will your burn fade painlessly, but it will minimize peeling.  Individuals also credit Vitamin E with hemorrhoid relief.

As A Night cream
Dab a little vitamin E oil under your eyes after you remove your makeup. Your under eye skin will be super strong.  It also reduces the chance of cheek wrinkle, which is a large fold that appears when you move the cheek toward the eye. Vitamin E also  safeguards the eyes from dark circles.

As An Anti-Aging Product
The anti-aging effects of natural products are generally slow, so persistence will pay off in the use of vitamin E as an anti-aging product.  In the form of gamma tocotrienol , Vitamin E can reverse damage from UVB radiation and free radicals, causing reduction of brown spots.

Apply After A Shower
Absorbs in minutes for skin like a baby! Vitamin E oil usually contains coconut oil, making a dynamite duo for dry skin, but as an added bonus Vitamin E also helps your skin to produce its own oil.  Vitamin E regulates the function of oil releasing glands, making it a perfect moisturizer.

Heals Any Scars
Vitamin E is known for its ability to heal injured skin tissues, You can apply it on pigmentation scars,  acne scars or scars made by cuts, wounds or surgery.

Gets Rid of Dry and Dull Skin
Take the ‘gets rid of’ part literally,  not only can it reduce dryness and flakiness,  after regular application Vitamin E concentration may actually reach a point in which it will keep working after discontinuing use.

Smooths Tangle Free Hair No more ouch!  Your days of yanking and pulling are over. Add vitamin E to a regular shampoo makes hair texture silky and smooth. In addition, Vitamin E nourishes the scalp keeping it healthy and moisturized, preventing dandruff.

There is no denying that there are some great products out there, but sometimes the best solution is the simplest.   Vitamin E is  harmless and  easily accessible at pharmacies.

5 Vitamins to Fight Aging – Vine Vera Reviews

Close up portrait of a beautiful woman showing the difference between aged skin and younger looking skin.

You don’t need to travel to faraway places in search of the Fountain of Youth anymore. Ponce de Leon might not have had it easy, but you certainly do. Come to think of it, you could get the Fountain of Youth delivered to your doorstep, should you wish to do so. Dermatologists have long stressed on the importance of adding certain vitamins into your skin care regimen and your diet. The ideal way to make the most of any vitamin, antioxidant or phytonutrient is to use it in your food and in your skin care. And just because you’ve crossed your prime and now have to deal with aging skin, doesn’t mean that you can’t make a difference to the way you look. To help you ensure that your skin looks younger, irrespective of your age, Vine Vera examines some of the top vitamins to fight aging.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen, keeping the teeth and bones healthy and for skin repair. Vitamin C has long been known for its antioxidant properties that can not only protect the skin against sun damage, but can also repair the existing damage that leads to wrinkles and fine lines.  Moreover, vitamin C can protect the skin from free radical damage to prevent accelerated aging in your skin.

Woman holding an apple in her hands

Vitamin A
Scientists have long stressed on the importance of adding vitamin A into the diet and the skin care regimen. Vitamin A is among the most researched skin ingredients that has hundreds of studies to its name. It is one of the few wrinkle treatments that is approved by the FDA. Vitamin A basically works inside the cells by targeting the receptors, which get the cells to function the way they used to when they were younger. Furthermore, vitamin A also slows down the breakdown of collagen, which lets the skin retain its elasticity and youthful appearance.

Vitamin D
Most people don’t realize this, but bone loss can end up being one of the main factors that lead to the signs of aging, particularly among women. This is why maintaining your bone health is essential when it comes to anti-aging. Vitamin D is an ideal ingredient to help improve your bone health, because it makes your bones stronger and denser. The ideal way to add more vitamin D is to include fatty fish, certain dairy products and egg yolk into your diet. Vine Vera would recommend you against getting your vitamin D from sunlight because sunscreens can block out the beneficial effect. And unprotected sun exposure is more likely to make things worse.

Vitamin K
Vitamin K is essential for your body, particularly when bruising is a common complaint. It is usual for people above the age of 50 to see occasional bruising on their arms. Adding vitamin K lets you maintain the collagen level of your skin to reduce the appearance of veins, dark circles and skin bruising.

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Vitamin E
Vitamin E is highly beneficial for your skin health, especially when combined with vitamin C. Adding vitamin E into your skin care regimen lets you fight free radical production at a cellular level, and this makes the cells less vulnerable. Vitamin E is also famous as one of the most potent antioxidants in the world that can not only protect your skin from the sun’s rays, but also offer anti-inflammatory benefits.