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What’s Best: Manual Or Electric?

When it comes to choosing between manual and electric products, electric wins hands down, right? Why use your own energy when you can get it from somewhere else? Seldom do we hear of someone rejecting the use of a sewing machine in favor of a good old needle and thread, and does anyone even remember manual typewriters? Likewise, it seems beyond consideration that anyone in their right mind would fan themselves with a piece of paper if a table fan was an option.

Yes, when you consider the choices, it seems electricity is the clear winner, but are there ever times when you’re better off doing it the old fashioned way? After all, we have all heard the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Let’s take a look at some common hygienic devices: the toothpaste and the razor to determine if we are ever better off doing it ourselves.

Woman brushing teeth

If you ask a child, they’ll go for the electric every time; after all you can’t beat the allure of the Spongebob handle, but, according to the ADA, manual toothbrushes can be just as effective. The key, say experts, is not in what you use, but how you use it. Kimberly Harms, DDS, says, “If you are a wonderful brusher and flosser than manual toothbrushes are just great.” However, she does allow that power devices can be better for those who have trouble physically maneuvering a toothbrush.

The cost of an electrically powered toothbrush can be triple the cost of its manual counterpart. Is it worth it? At 6,000 to 30,000 stroked per minute, it takes less time to do a thorough job with the electric version. However, the action may be a little intense for those with sensitive teeth and users also find the electric version difficult to store.

The Final Word
Braun Oral -B studied more than 16,000 patients after being asked to use a Braun Oral-B powered tooth brush. When asked, dental professionals said that the powered bush had a positive effect on the oral health of over 80% of the patients, with most participants claiming an improvement in the health of their mouths after using the device.

Electric Razors

The Pros
Electric razors are more time efficient; because electric razors force hairs up before cutting them, men don’t have to keep going over the same areas. They are also more portable than their manual counterparts and do not require items such as gels, soaps, shaving cream or even water for use, Electric razors also can be used to shape facial hair more accurately and reduce the probability of cuts, nicks, and ingrown hairs.

The Cons
Electric razors do not shave as closely as manual ones, and those with normal to heavy facial hair may find themselves having to shave more frequently with the electric versions. Electrics take time to get used to, and can lead to painful irritation in the process. The majority of powered razors cannot be used in the shower and are rather noisy.
Electric razors also need more attention when it comes to maintenance. They need to be cleaned ofter and require rechargeable batteries or an electrical outlet. Although the initial cost may be high, electric razors may actually be more cost effective than manual ones in the long run.

Manual Razors

manual razor

The Pros
Manual razors will provide the closest shave, keeping the need for touchups to a minimum. They are extremely easy to use and blades are easily replaced. Manual razors are easy to travel with and easy to keep clean. They are also usually the cheapest shaving option available, although their cost can add up over time.

The Cons
Shaving with a manual razor requires the use of grooming products, like shaving cream and aftershave. This not only necessitates the purchase of additional products, it also makes the shaving process take longer. Another negative aspect to the manual razor is the tendency of the blades to become dull. On the average, the blades of a manual razor need to be replaced every four to five shaves. Using a manual razor often requires join over the same area several times, which can increase the chance of getting nicked or cut, and a painless shave calls for water, making the manual razors the less versatile option.

So what do you think? Man power or electric? Let us know how you weigh in.

Quick Fixes to Keep on Hand

Woman looking in the mirror

Your life is hectic enough. Finding yourself in a beauty dilemma at the last second is not a fun experience. Luckily, we’ve rounded up some quick-fix beauty products to keep on hand in case of a beauty emergency. The best part of this list is that it’s likely that you already own these products, you just may not know their awesome secret uses.

Clear Nail Polish
It’s unlikely that you will need to paint a quick, glossy coat over your mani while you’re out and about, but it can happen. That isn’t why we suggest keeping clear nail polish on hand, though. Clear nail polish can patch up a run in pantyhose or nylons, and help keep the run from getting worse. You can also use this as a type of liquid band-aid if you’re caught without a traditional one.

There’s a good chance that your beauty cabinet is never without a deodorant and while you probably don’t think of deodorant and your face together, in an emergency situation you might want to. Famed makeup artist (credits include celebrities, high fashion shoots and Revlon), Gucci Westman, says that in a pinch, deodorant makes a great instant mattifier. You can also use deodorant on your thighs and bikini line to help prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps after you shave. If you’re breaking in new shoes, you can swipe some deodorant on your heels before you put your shoes on to help prevent blisters from forming. A clear gel formula is probably the best formula for this trick.

Hair Conditioner
If you have ever grabbed your razor then reached for shave gel only to find you’re out, you will definitely appreciate this tip. Slather some hair conditioner on your legs and use that as a substitute for shaving gel.

What can’t a toothbrush do? Seriously, there are so many great uses for your toothbrush beyond keeping your teeth clean and healthy. Instead of shelling out money for an expensive lip exfoliating contraption, use (gently) your toothbrush to remove dry, dead skin from your lips. You can also use a toothbrush to evenly distribute dye to the root of your hair. As if these two reasons weren’t enough for you to fall in love with your toothbrush all over again, if you find you’ve got some suddenly dirty jewelry, bust out a toothbrush (not one you plan on using in your mouth again) and give your jewelry a good deep clean.

Lip Balm
Keeping lip balm on hand is a great idea because dry, chapped lips are uncomfortable. Your lip balm not only soothes your lips, it can also be used on any small scratches, nicks or cuts. Lip balm is also useful as a cuticle treatment. A cult favorite lip balm/major multi-tasker is Smith’s Rosebud Lip Salve. You can even use a small amount to tame split ends when needed.

Multi-tasking beauty products, like a cream blush for cheeks and lips, are definitely helpful to have on hand in the event of a disaster. You probably already own most of, if not all of, these products and if you don’t, you should. One of the greatest things about this list is that all of these quick-fix beauty solutions are super easy to locate and don’t require a significant monetary investment. Bonus points if you keep some of these items in your purse so you really are always prepared for a beauty emergency.