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The Best Time of the Day To Enjoy Citrus Fruit

woman with citrus fruits Let’s face it, grapefruit has never  really gotten a fair shake.   People have long associated grapefruit with breakfast, health, and dieting, all good things, mind you, but not the most likely to cause jaw-dropping reactions.  It never really had the sex appeal of the banana or the quiet dignity of the apple.  Whatever new diet came out, all of them seemed to recommend a half grapefruit in the morning, and, if the diet was more lenient, it might include a piece of dry toast.  It began to seem like a grapefruit was the destiny of the dieter, and eating it every morning symbolized some kind of unusual, almost sacrificial stoicism; much like Sylvester Stallone fearlessly downing a raw egg in Rocky. The truth is, there is a reason that grapefruit has outlasted so many other dieting fads.  Because it works!  In fact, not only is grapefruit a great weight loss aid because of its ability to burn fat and charge metabolism, it is also great for your liver, kidneys and for cancer prevention. It’s high time to sing the praises of the grapefruit,

So, why just for breakfast?  Grapefruit and all citrus fruit are great for you all the time. In fact, it is recommended that you eat oranges 2-4 times a day for reducing cholesterol and preventing kidney stones and colon cancer, and most of us only eat benefit from them in the morning glass of OJ.  Why limit yourself?

The Best Time to Eat Citrus

On An Empty Stomach

The breakfast idea is not without validity.  The best time to eat citrus is  indeed between meals and on an empty stomach.  This is the time when digestion occurs most quickly, which allows the body time to break down  and fully absorb the simple sugars in the fruit.  This also gives the body optimal time to process the nutrients.

Before or After a Workout

Sugars in fruits are a great source of energy for this about to work out , as well as for those whose energy levels have just been depleted.

Worst Time to Eat Citrus

Before Bed

Any fruit  before bedtime causes blood sugar levels to jump and makes it difficult to fall asleep.  Try to eat them at least 3 hours prior.

Incorporating More Citrus Into Your Diet

Always keep oranges handy.  Keep some in a fruit bowl to satisfy a craving.  If you have kids around, tangerines and clementines (cuties) are a great idea because they are sweet and peel easily.

For an exotic treat, top grapefruit slices with brown sugar and put them in the oven to broil.

Add some sliced oranges to a salad for some extra color and taste.

Squeeze lemon and lime into water.

Throw some orange slices in a baggy or Tupperware container and bring it to lunch for a midday refresher.

Make orange juice popsicles or cups by freezing them in molds for a treat on hot days.

Citrus Fruits: not just for breakfast anymore!  Plus, most citrus fruits are available summer and winter and are one of the most inexpensive fruits in the produce department.  So, now that you’re in the know, go out and citrus up!