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Quick Fix Skin Care Ingredients

You’ve planned the perfect night out and you want to look your best. From manicures and pedicures to facials and scrubs, getting ready for a big night out is an event all on its own. Unfortunately, no matter how much you primp and prime yourself for a big night out, there are sometimes skin emergencies that happen at the worst possible time. Getting a huge zit right in the middle of your forehead, chipping your nail polish or having your eyelashes lose their surl are all things you do not want to happen right before you step out the door. Luckily, Vine Vera has the best quick-fix solutions for those awful last-minute skin emergencies.

Woman with frizzy hair.

Hair Problems
Frizzy Hair – You spent time styling your hair before going out so you want it to look its best. Factors like the humidity and wind can definitely affect how your hairstyle holds. Most likely, now that you’ve left the house you aren’t carrying a styling cream or frizz tamer. In a pinch, use a hand cream to tame flyaway hairs and frizz.

Oily Hair – Who wants to wash their hair every day? Not only can it be a chore, but it also isn’t that healthy for your hair. So, you decide to skip the hair washing only to discover at the very last moment that you are out of your dry shampoo. In a pinch you can totally use baby (talcum) powder. Sprinkle a small amount at your roots and work through just like you would dry shampoo. Fair warning, if you have dark hair this will take a bit of work to be sure the powder is evenly distributed throughout your hair. For help controlling how much powder is in your hair, grab a clean makeup brush, pick up some powder and apply at the roots. Continue to work the powder in like a normal dry shampoo.

Woman applying eye cream.

Skin Problems
Unexpected Redness of Pimples – The last thing you want to do when a zit pops up at the last minute is squeeze it. This will only aggravate and irritate your skin further. Eye drops are an excellent item to have handy in this situation. For maximum benefit, place your eye drops in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes, or a few in the freezer if you’re super rushed, and dab it onto the problem area. To keep your skin as clean as possible, squeeze your eye drops onto a cotton bud and hold that to your zit or red areas.

Puffiness Under Your Eyes – Getting plenty of beauty rest the night before your big event is ideal, but if you find that you haven’t gotten enough and it shows under your eyes, it can be a total bummer. The quick-fix for this sounds pretty gross, but trust us, it works. Keep a tube of Preparation H hemorrhoid cream handy for this issue. Use a bit under the eyes before concealing. Be sure to use a light reflective concealer or powder to further brighten up your under eye area.

If you find that your nail polish has chipped, grab a toothpick and use it to apply polish directly in the chipped area. Alternatively, you could simply paint over the nail with a quick coat of glitter nail polish so the chip is unnoticeable. When eyelashes fall flat but you don’t have a curler with you, grab a spoon. Place the spoon under a lamp or a hand dryer to warm it slightly. Next, place the spoon over your eye and curl lashes around the spoon. It isn’t quite the same effect as a curler, but it will definitely help out in an emergency situation. If you find yourself facing a last minute beauty problem, try not to stress about it, remember nobody’s perfect and don’t let a minor imperfection ruin your big night.