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Best Essential Oils for Women

Essential oils have been used for centuries to treat medical conditions that range from acne to childbirth. If you have never used essential oils before, you may be overwhelmed at all of the options available and the incredible health benefits that accompany essential oils. To help get you started, we’ve picked out 10 of the best essential oils for women.

Clary sage

Clary Sage
Clary sage uplifts your mood, reduces stress and anxiety and acts as a natural anti-depressant. The mellow scent of clary sage is perfect for relieving mood swings before or during your menstrual period. Clary sage also reduces blood pressure, improves breathing rates and enhances your attention and memory.

Geranium oil.

Geranium is amazing at perfecting balance within your body. This essential oil maintains homeostasis in your body, balances your nervous system and stimulates your adrenal cortex to harmonize your fluctuating hormones. The sweet, flowery scent of geranium oil boosts your mood and soothes your nerves.

Jasmine oil.

Jasmine has long been used as a powerful anti-depressant, but in ancient times, this essential oil was also used as a childbirth aid. Jasmine essential oil strengthens reproductive tissues and helps with contractions to aid labor. In ancient times, jasmine was rubbed on the lower abdomen to strengthen contractions and soothe labor pains. Jasmine is also used to increase sex drive in both women and men.

Rose oil.

Rose is another essential oil that benefits the female reproductive system by strengthening it. If you have irregular menstrual cycles, rose is especially helpful because it stimulates hormonal secretion to trigger menstruation. Rose is also considered an aphrodisiac that boosts your libido.

Sweet Marjoram

Sweet Marjoram
Sweet marjoram is a natural way to fight against the pain that comes from menstrual cramps because it is a powerful antispasmodic. Like rose, sweet marjoram can also help if you suffer from irregular periods in the form of amenorrhea (the abnormal absence of menstruation). Sweet marjoram also fights headaches and constipation, both of which may occur frequently during pregnancy.

Wild orange oil.

Wild Orange
Wild orange is one of the best essential oils for reducing stress and anxiety levels, both of which are common among women. By reducing your stress and anxiety levels, wild orange also is a natural way to lift your mood. Topical application of wild orange essential oil can also help minimize the appearance of stretch marks.


Lemongrass provides a wide range of benefits for women from fighting acne to improving lactation. Lemongrass is a natural anti-inflammatory that also has antiseptic, antimicrobial and astringent properties that help fight acne. New mothers facing problems with lactation can also use lemongrass to enhance milk flow.

Lavender oil

Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils and it isn’t just because of its soothing scent. This essential oil is used to promote better sleep and treat insomnia, alleviate depression and significantly lessen stress and anxiety. One of the reasons lavender is so great for women is that it has antispasmodic properties, which make it great for treating painful menstrual cramps.

Tea Tree Oil.

Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil is an incredible body detoxifier and is one of the greatest natural antibacterials there is. You may be aware that because of the antibacterial properties of tea tree oil, it is used in the treatment of acne but these same properties also help fight yeast infections. Tea tree oil stimulates hormonal secretions that improve your blood circulation which can weaken the pain you feel due to menstrual cramps.

Chamomile oil.

Chamomile is another essential oil that is well-known for its ability to soothe nerves and promote sleep, but that isn’t all this essential oil is capable of. Chamomile is another antispasmodic that can help you cope with menstrual cramps or labor pains.

Equally as important as the specific essential oils you choose to use is the proper dosage or application method. Experts suggest that some essential oils, like tea tree oil, be used with a carrier oil for topical application. Inhaling essential oils can also benefit your health and provide you a much needed moment of calm or happiness. You will love how your health and attitude are improved by the use of these 10 essential oils for women.

Jasmine for Skin Care

Essential oils have been used for centuries to treat a variety of concerns that range from mood to physical ailments. One of the uses for essential oil is skin care. When you use essential oils for skin care you not only receive the topical benefits, you get the aromatherapy benefits as well. Jasmine essential oil is an incredible skin care ingredient and we’ve got what you need to know covered.


Jasmine, also known as “Queen of the Night,” is a luxurious essential oil that can be used for a variety of health purposes, including several skin benefits. The jasmine plant is tropical and subtropical and is native to Asia, Africa and Australia. The flowers of the jasmine plant are most often white or pale yellow in color and they give off the very strong, sweet scent of jasmine. The scent of jasmine alleviates depression, lifts your mood and reduces your stress and anxiety levels.

Hydrates Skin
Jasmine essential oil has been used for centuries to help restore and repair skin. The oil extracted from the delicate, white petals of the jasmine flower increase and improve your skin’s elasticity while also balancing the moisture levels in your skin to reduce dryness. Additionally, jasmine has natural antibacterial properties that help to protect your skin from damage and to enhance the immunity of your skin. Jasmine is particularly beneficial to your skin as the seasons change and the weather and elements damage your skin.

Clarifies Skin
Benzoic acid, benzaldehyde and benzyl benzoate, among other ingredients, have incredibly potent antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties, making jasmine an excellent ingredient to clarify and tone your skin. It is these properties that help to boost your skin’s immunity and protect it from damage. In addition to helping your skin protect itself against environmental damage, jasmine also has soothing, anti-inflammatory properties. The antibacterial properties of jasmine make it an effective ingredient in facial cleansers or masks to purify and clarify your skin.

Heals Skin
Jasmine oil is a cicatrizer which essentially means that can help heal and reduce the appearance of scars. Scars from blemishes, stretch marks or skin wounds can be eliminated with regular applications or jasmine oil. It calms redness and inflammation and is soothing to the skin upon contact.

How to Use Jasmine for Skin Care
Jasmine essential oil is an ingredient that you can add to a large variety of your current skin care products or on its own. While jasmine essential oil is generally considered safe for topical application, it is important to perform a small patch test on your skin to gauge your skin’s reaction. Jasmine essential oil can also be used with a carrier oil; jojoba, sweet almond and coconut oils are some of our very favorite oils for skin care. You can ease stress and rid yourself of muscle tension and pain by adding a few drops of jasmine oil to your lotion and massaging it into your skin. The scent will also improve your mood, reduce your stress and banish depression. A great, easy way to use jasmine for soothing skin care is to purchase green tea with jasmine and steep. Allow the tea to cool and use as a toner over your face for a quick shot of antioxidant power.

Jasmine is an excellent skin care ingredient that aids both your skin and your mind. Mix a few drops of jasmine essential oil into your favorite lotion for skin protection and a lift in your mood. Use the essential oil for a concentrated treatment on stretch marks and scars or add to a cleanser for added antibacterial and antiseptic power. Your skin and mood are just a few drops away from instant improvement when you use jasmine for skin care.

Soothing Scents to Try – Vine Vera Reviews

When you’re feeling stressed out and a bit overwhelmed, your first thought is probably not of aromatherapy for relief. But maybe it’s time to rethink your strategy to stressful events. Your sense of smell is the strongest of all five senses in your body. Your olfactory bulbs are part of your limbic system. This means that your olfactory bulbs (how you are able to smell)  are directly linked to areas of the brain involved in processing emotions and learning. You probably have noticed that there are smells you react to by remembering a particular moment or time in your life, and the connection to emotional responses in the brain is why. When you need something soothing during your hectic day, Vine Vera recommends you to try one of these calming scents.

Lavender oil with lavender flowers on a wooden table.

Lavender is probably the most well-known scent for reducing stress and promoting a calm, peaceful scent. It is a very popular addition to many sleep products such as eye masks or sprays for your pillow. Lavender has several important benefits. First, lavender contains calming properties that are able to control your stress levels. Secondly, because lavender is so calming, it can help you get a good night’s sleep even in the most stressful times. Lastly, the benefits of lavender are not limited to your emotional concerns, lavender can also help relieve nervous tension and soothe physical ailments such as tension headaches and migraines.

Jasmine oil with jasmine flowers on a wooden table.

Jasmine is much more than a pleasant scent, it has excellent mental benefits for times when you need to just relax. Like lavender, jasmine helps to provide stress relief by calming your nerves. However, jasmine is not just a perfect scent for calmness, it is also recognized as having anti-depressant properties. Jasmine is used to help with issues such as mental blockage and sadness. It is an uplifting scent that gives you increased feelings of confidence and optimism. Additionally, jasmine can help soothe you while providing you with a bit of refreshed energy.

Lemon oil with cut lemons on a mat.

You may not immediately associate this yellow fruit with stress relief, but don’t count it out. Lemon is the perfect scent for times when you need to calm down, but remain productive and alert. The scent of lemon helps boost concentration and helps you slow down negative feelings such as stress and anger. At the same time, lemon also induces positive, happy emotions. Some studies using the scent of lemon suggest that it definitely has an impact on your mood and it does indeed improve cognitive function.

So, how do you benefit from these scents without having to lug around bags of lemons and flowers? The most commonly used method of aromatherapy is through the use of essential oils. There are tons of ways to use essential oils no matter where you are. One of the easiest ways to use oils is to grab a small glass and simply add a few drops of your chosen scent. You can also apply essential oils to your body. Doing this is especially helpful on pressure points such as your temples or the inside of your wrists. Lastly, you can buy a diffuser that uses water and the oil to emit a soothing vapor in your surroundings.