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Reducing Forehead Breakouts

Woman having a breakout

Picture this: you get up one morning, ready to start your day, happy and energetic, you eat breakfast, shower, and whatever else you do in the morning before your skincare routine, and then you look in the mirror and…oh, is that a pimple on your forehead? Wait…is that…another one? And another? Ugh. Insert your favorite swear words here. Loudly.

Why the Forehead?
It’s never a fun surprise to find you’ve broken out overnight, and the forehead is one of the most common areas for this to happen. Several of the tips we’re about to give can apply to pretty much any of your face, but we’re specifically focusing on the forehead because it’s incredibly common to think you’re doing a good job on your skincare, and manage to dodge pimples everywhere else on your face, only to find a bunch of ugly, pus-filled bumps on your forehead one morning.

The reason for this is that a lot of sweat and debris collects on the forehead. It can be especially bad if you have bangs, if your hair gets uncomfortably oily, or if you spend a lot of time outside (especially in hot weather), but even if none of those are true, the forehead is still a prime candidate for breakouts simply based on the curvature of the human head and distribution of sweat glands.

Woman cleansing her face

Cleanse, but Don’t Cleanse Too Much
Obviously, you want to cleanse your face for various reasons, and obviously, one of those reasons is preventing breakouts. But did you know that over-cleansing can actually cause breakouts? Sounds weird, but let’s take a moment to examine what causes breakouts in the first place, and it might make a little more sense.

Pimples form when there’s some kind of blockage in a pore, and the pore swells up with sebum (skin oil) and often gets infected, which is why it fills with pus, too (a rush of white blood cells to fight the infection). While the pore can be clogged by many things, it is often clogged by its own sebum, when it over-produces. If you remove excess sebum, but don’t strip all of it, you’re good, but if you strip it all away, the body responds to the lack of oil by churning out a bunch of it to compensate, and there you go, recipe for a breakout. So cleanse, but don’t do it too harshly.

Also consider ingredients like salicylic acid, designed to fight the infection at the root of a breakout, functioning as both cure and preventative.

Try a Sweatband
If you spend a lot of time outside or in warm buildings, etc, etc, and especially if you practice any sports, slap on a headband. It keeps hair out of your eyes, sure, but it also pulls double duty and protects the breakout-prone forehead from getting the brunt of the accumulated sweat and gunk.

Exfoliation is a good idea regardless, but it’s especially recommended for breakout prevention, because removing dead skin cells before they flake off one by one and risk clogging pores is a pretty good tactic when it comes to pimples.