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Your Daily Red

Woman drinking red wine

Is there anything behind the belief that the type of alcohol you choose is indicative of your personality?  Drinking wine is often referred to as the way classy people get wasted.  It is the so-called “pedigree” of alcohols.

Maybe  you just don’t think you’re the “wine type.”  You don’t know anything about Hemingway or Beckett. Your pjs are made of flannel, not silk. You don’t own a variety of good cheeses and you’re not fluent in French. You still pepper your speech with the word “like.” Maybe you’re more the green tea type, or the beer type, or even just the milk and cookies type.  Definitely not the wine type.

However, in recent years, there is a new characteristic assigned to wine drinkers, and that is ‘healthy’.  So, if you consider yourself the “healthy type,”  a nightly glass of wine may not be such an unthinkable option for you.  Perhaps, if you have a look at the benefits of wine you will revise your opinion.

Good for Your Memory
Research shows that women in their 70s who drank wine every day scored better on memory tests than those who did not.  Wine reduces the inflammation of blood vessels and prevents blood clots linked to heart problems and loss of cognitive skills.  Red wine and alcohol, in general, can also help unclog arteries by raising good cholesterol.

Good for Your Waistline
If you drink wine daily, there is a chance you have lower abdominal fat and a slimmer waist than liquor drinkers and a body mass lower than those who drink wine less regularly, studies say.  Alcohol has been credited with the ability to keep your body burning calories for 90 minutes after drinking a glass.

Good for your Immune System
A British study showed that people who drank a glass of wine daily reduced their risk of contracting a bacteria that causes gastritis, stomach cancer, and ulcers by 11%.  A Spanish study found that a half a glass can present food poisoning, like salmonella.

Good for Your Ovaries
Australian research found that the daily glass of vino can lower the risk of ovarian cancer by 50%.  Scientists credit the antioxidants in the wine the ability to prevent cancer. A separate study done by the University of Michigan, found a red wine compound was able to kill cells from ovarian cancer when combined in a test tube.

Good for Your Bones
Wine has been shown to increase bone mass in female wine drinkers by boosting estrogen levels and slowing the deterioration of bones.

Good for Your Blood Sugar Level
Results of a study conducted by Harvard Medical School, women who drink a glass of red each day are 40% less likely to develop type two diabetes than those who don’t.  Researchers hypothesize that this is a result of wine’s ability to reduce resistance to insulin.

Thinking about changing your type?  Don’t worry.  There is no proven link between drinking a glass of wine daily and the ability to look more beautiful. (Not as of yet, at least.)  However, some of the other side effects have been supported and seem much more attractive.  It can be your little secret.

Beneficial Ingredients Found in Wine

Not that you need another reason to pick up that bottle of red wine you’ve been eyeing, but we’ll give you one anyway:  red wine contains ingredients that benefit your skin as well as your health. White wines are delicious, and there is some research suggesting that white wine has its own unique health care benefits, but it is red wine that often steals the spotlight when it comes to healthy benefits of consuming wine. The reason red wine is considered more beneficial is the concentration of polyphenols that are highly concentrated in the skin of red grapes. These polyphenols act as antioxidants and provide protection against problems ranging from heart disease to acne. Vine Vera Skincare investigates just what it is about red wine the makes the beverage such a hot topic in the medical industry.

Quercetin formula

Red Wine and Your Health
There are several ingredients in red wine that benefit your internal health. Guercetin is a compound in red wine that is known to prevent lung cancer. Additionally, it is thought that guecetin may also fight breast cancer. Guercetin, along with resveratrol, stimulate cancer cells to destroy themselves and reduce the amount of growth cancer cells experience. Current studies are being conducted to evaluate the ability of resveratrol to delay degenerative diseases due to aging, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

It is also thought that resveratrol protects against heart disease by lowering blood pressure and keeping plaque from forming in your arteries. Resveratrol does lower the amount of LDL (the “bad” cholesterol) while increasing your levels of HDL (the “good” cholesterol).

Resveratrol formula.

Red Wine and Your Skin
Resveratrol is probably the most widely recognized antioxidant in red wine. Other antioxidant ingredients in wine are flavanoids and tannins. All three of these types of antioxidants provide significant skin benefits. Antioxidants protect and fight against free radical damage from oxidation. These antioxidants also provide protection against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation rays. Providing protection from free radicals and UV rays in turn reduces the appearance and formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Red wine also contains plenty of amino acids that are important in terms of your skin care. You need amino acids in your skincare products because these boost skin renewal, providing healthier and firmer skin. Red wine is currently being studied to determine just how effective it is at fighting acne. Many of the antioxidants found in red wine have both anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Anti-inflammatories reduce redness, irritation and inflammation of skin affected by acne while antiseptics cleanse the skin. Red wine also contains alpha hydroxy acids, which are an excellent exfoliant for your skin and help cell turnover. Benzoyl peroxide is a well-known and effective acne medication. The current research on red wine and acne is to determine what effect red wine has on benzoyl peroxides effectiveness. The hypothesis is that red wine will increase the effectiveness of benzoyl peroxide while providing soothing care to the skin reducing irritation often associated with benzoyl peroxide use.

Whether or not white wine is as effective as red wine in your health care is a subject of major debate. Some suggest that white wine does benefit your health and skin because resveratrol and other antioxidants are still present. However, others suggest that the concentration of resveratrol and polyphenols in white wine are too insignificant to provide any benefits. At present, red wine remains the superstar when it comes to your health, both inside and out. You can enjoy a glass of red wine daily for some of the benefits while using the compounds found in red wine topically for maximum benefits. Vine Vera Skincare provides luxury skin care that makes use of these incredibly beneficial ingredients that are found in wine.