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Red Marine Algae Benefits for Hair and Skin

Algae mask

While algae may not be the most popular clothing material, perhaps it is not so odd that the Little Mermaid chose to put it on her skin; perhaps it is more puzzling that she did not apply it to her entire body. After all, marine ingredients like algae turn up in so many cosmetic ingredients and are known for their myriad of health benefits, namely for their beneficial effects on skin and hair.

So what is it about this slimy green stuff that makes us look so beautiful? Randy Schueller, a cosmetic chemist and editor-in-chief of The Beauty Brains reports that one study showed that algae can “stabilize minerals that aid in skin moisturization,” and, “Another claims that seaweed provides anti-acne properties without the irritation of over the counter drugs. And yet another type of seaweed may help with skin lightening.” Dr. Marcene Alexiades-Armenakas, cosmetic engineer has a theory as to why these plants are so good for the skin. She says, “These creatures (algae) have spent millions of years on the sea surface and evolved mechanisms to protect their DNA from UV damage. These mechanisms are conserved cross species, meaning they work in human skin as well.”

Red Algae Extract
Because it can easily process sunlight, red algae is known to provide antioxidant protection to skin. It has high levels of peptides, carotenoids, sulfated polysaccharides and fatty acids which may contribute to the reason red algae extracts are able neutralize free radicals in the environment. Algae extracts also function as thickening agents in skincare products improving texture and spreadability.

Brown Algae Extract
Brown algae, or kelp, is used as an emollient to soften skin and for anti-bacterial purposes. It is frequently found in serums, toners, lotions and moisturizers as extract as lamaria, extract of algae, or kelp. Benefits of brown algae include hydration, maintenance of skin’s moisture, detoxification and increased elasticity. Its amino acids are credited with renewal of tissue and its fatty acids are shown to fight inflammation. Additional studies by the Science Daily News suggest that substances extracted from brown algae may also protect against skin cancer caused by excessive sun exposure.


For Acne Prevention
Need a natural zit zapper? The anti-inflammatory agents in algae make it capable of soothing acne related inflammation.

For Hair Growth
The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in seaweed is known for thickening and boosting hair growth and the iron and zinc can help maintain hair production and combat the thinning of hair caused by a deficiency if iodine. When applied directly to hair, iodine can fight of microscopic fungus and bacteria that eats away at hair follicles causing thinning and loss, The highest content of iodine is found in brown algae, with dry kelp containing 1500-1800 ppm. At this rate, just one gram of dried brown algae could cover the daily recommended adult requirement.

For Reduction of Toxins
Toxins can cause your skin to look lifeless and dull. Applying seaweed to your skin draws out excess fluid, dead cells, and toxins and makes skin smoother. It is also useful in eliminating toxins from the scalp and promoting healthy hair growth.

For Fighting Cellulite
Algae can be an effective weapon in the endless fight against cellulite. Seaweed can make skin more supple and elastic, helping to smooth skin and restore resilience.

For Adding Moisture
Who couldn’t use a little extra moisture on their skin? The fatty acids in algae not only lend moisture to your skin, but prevents it from losing its natural hydration.

So are you prepared to test the merits of algae. The Little Mermaid did it and look at her!

Boost Your Health with Brown Algae

It seems like with every new season, a new superfood hits the shelves in grocery stores. But if there’s one that’s not a fad and is sure to stick around, it’s brown algae. Brown algae is said to promote healthy weight loss, increase energy levels and improve skin conditions. More specifically, brown algae can help to slow down cellular aging, promote a healthy glow and help with certain skin conditions, like eczema.

Brown algae

What is Brown Algae?
Algae is a generic term for any plant-based organism found growing in water. Seaweed is another term used to describe algae. Most people have heard of kelp, which is also another term for brown algae. Brown algae grows in colder waters and is mostly harvested in the Northern Hemisphere. Don’t confuse brown algae or kelp with versions of algae that are farm grown, like spirulina. These unnaturally harvested versions will never have the same levels of nutrients and are more prone to contamination.

How Does Brown Algae Improve Health?
While some natural ingredients are debated by scientists, it is well known that the reason brown algae is so beneficial is because of its high levels of iodine. Iodine helps to regulate the thyroid gland, which has a direct effect on nearly every part of the human body. By helping the thyroid gland balance hormones, a single serving of brown algae can help the body to perform more efficiently. Brown algae also has a long list of other nutrients, like potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, calcium and selenium. It’s been described as nature’s multivitamin.

How to Use Brown Algae for Skin
Brown algae is the most commonly used type of algae in skincare products so there is a high chance that one might already be using the ingredient without realizing it. The extract of the plant is used so this alone can be mixed into homemade beauty products easily and with plenty of benefits. Brown algae can also be eaten raw or added into food as desired. Keep in mind that as with many plants, overpreparation of the food can remove many of its beneficial nutrients. If the idea of eating the plant raw is unappealing, try mixing it into a smoothie.

When it comes to using brown algae for skin, topical or internal use of the plant are beneficial. As more beauty companies turn to brown algae, more is studied regarding the plant. It has been shown to naturally encourage the development of collagen, which tends to dissipate with age and strengthen the skin while promoting greater moisture retention.

In general, brown algae helps to prevent the natural cell aging process. As the body ages, cells tend to rejuvenate slower and are unable to repair themselves as they once were. But brown algae has been shown to prevent this slowdown and keep skin cells operating efficiently.

Algae, in general, has been used for years in the beauty world, but brown algae has proven itself to be one of the best plants that the ocean has to offer. Adding it to a skin regimen is not only a great idea but highly recommended.