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Add Avocado To Your Beauty Routine

Flower made of Avocado How often has this happened to you? You’re on a date or in a meeting and you go to the restroom. Check your look in the mirror, and there is, the inevitable food on the face. How long has it been there? Is it that noticeable? What is it? Where is it? On your nose? In your eyebrow? Most of us don’t want to be caught wearing our meals in public, yet, at home, it can be somewhat more acceptable, in fact, even desirable. Avocados can be great in your meals and also on your face, and hair. Here are some ways of incorporating the green wonder into your beauty routine.

One thing avocados, a.k.a. alligator pears are great for is anti-aging. Not only can you use the mashed avocado for a mask, but eating it helps to fight aging as well. The antioxidants in the avocado detoxify the body, reducing wrinkles and making skin soft and supple.

Drink the Juice for Skin Health
These days it seems as if no fruit or vegetable is beyond liquefaction, and avocados are no exception. Just mix one with a cup of milk in the blender and – voila- a drink full of nutrients and vitamins. Your skin will thank you for it. Add honey if you like it sweet.

Revitalizes the Scalp
Avocado is also a great treatment for your crowning glory. The fruit can be used to treat dry hair or a dry itchy scalp. Just mash some up and massage it into your scalp and let the proteins and amino acids work their magic. You should find a more comfortable, less flaky scalp, and improved overall hair condition.

fresh Avocado smoothie

Defrizz Hair
Got frizz? Put half a mashed up avocado in the blender, add two tablespoons of avocado oil, and work it into your hair and scalp. Let it sit for about 15 minutes and shampoo. You should find hair immediately less frizzy and easier to control.

Natural Sunscreen
If you’re looking for a chemical free way of guarding againstUVA and UVB exposure, avocado oil works as a natural sunscreen and also soothes sunburnt skin. The high antioxidant content of the avocado protects against free radical damage and can restore the effects caused by overexposure to the sun.

Treats Skin Conditions
The healthy fats and oils in contained in the avocado are a close match for the natural oils in the skin and make great natural moisturizers with calming properties to reduce inflammation. Just mash one up and put it right on your face and neck, and wash it off after 5 or 10 minutes and reap the effects of radiant, beautiful skin.

Bad Breath
Some stuff a stick of gum in their mouths before an up close encounter, others drink avocado juice. Bad breath comes from your stomach, not your mouth. Avocado juice cleanses both mouth and intestines, removing the microbes that cause bad breath.

What is your beauty go to’s? What food do you wear? What do you do with your avocados? Let us know! We love to hear it!

Which Oil is Best for Your Skin? Vine Vera Reviews

Oils used in skin care have always been around, but their popularity has exploded in the past few years. Skin care oils are still going strong and are made available to everyone with various price points and different types of oil. Though it’s great to have all of these options, it can be totally overwhelming when you want to purchase one. You read all of the claims, they sound so promising and then your results are a bit disappointing. Don’t swear off oils forever, you just need to find the oil that suits your skin type the best. And yes, even blemish-prone or oily skin can benefit from oils. Vine Vera reviews the best oils for your skin.

Woman getting a spa treatment.

Why oils are good for your skin
Oils contain essential fatty acids that give your skin the hydration that is desperately needs. Additionally, oils act as your skin’s lipid barrier which is important as the lipid barrier protect your skin from environmental concerns like dry climates and extreme temperatures. It also reverses damage you inflict on your own skin by exfoliating too often or harshly or over-cleansing your skin, stripping it of it’s natural oils.

What oils are right for your skin type?

Therapist applying olive oil with herbs on the back of a woman in a spa.

Dry or Mature Skin
Skin care oils are especially beneficial for skin that is dry or aging. If you have dry skin, you lack moisture and have a difficult time retaining moisture. Oils help balance out the skin, penetrate deeply into the skin and provide long-lasting moisture. Some of the best oils for dry skin include:

  • Almond Oil – Sweet almond oil absorbs easily into skin, leaving skin soft and supple. Almond oil has been used for centuries to achieve radiant skin. One of the best things about sweet almond oil for use on your face or body is that is does not clog pores.
  • Olive Oil – You probably associate olive oil with your pantry, but it is a serious multi-tasker. As a moisturizer oil plumps and moisturizes skin with vitamins A and E. You can also use olive oil to remove stubborn eye makeup or as a shave cream substitute for exceptionally smooth legs.

Woman getting a spa treatment with coconuts and coconut oil.

Oily Skin
It seems completely counter-intuitive to add oil to an oily skin type. Contrary to popular belief, adding oil to an oily skin type does not increase oil production. In fact, it helps to provide moisture your skin may be lacking. When your skin receives the moisture it is lacking, you may find the oil production decreases. Oils that benefit oily skin types include:

  • Rosehip Seed Oil – Rosehip seed oil has been used for centuries by women to enhance beauty. Recently, Victoria’s Secret supermodel, Miranda Kerr, confessed that she swears by this oil to keep her radiant complexion. Rosehip seed oil contains vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids which not only hydrate the skin, but also help fade dark spots and reduce fine lines.
  • Coconut Oil – Coconut oil is a popular household item that is used for a ton of reasons. Use it as a moisturizer for your oily skin or add a bit of sugar to the coconut oil and exfoliate. Exfoliating with coconut oil not only removes dead skin cells, it also leaves your skin smooth and hydrated.

If you have combination or normal skin, VineVera recommends you to experiment with the above oils or try a different one such as argan or marula oils. Oils for skin care are beneficial for all skin types and often perform more than one task in your beauty routine. Save your skin, and some money, with oils.

Vine Vera Reviews the Best Oils for Skin Care – Vine Vera Reviews

Oil for skin care There was a time when we used to shudder at the idea of applying oils or oil-based products to our skin. We literally went out of our way to purchase “oil-free” products, because we simply couldn’t tolerate the thought of applying oils to our skin. And ironically enough, we saw oil as our biggest enemy when it came to things like acne breakouts and blackheads. However, as we became aware of the kind of benefits that oils actually offer to our skin, we became more and more open to the idea of adding oils into our skin care regimen, albeit red faced from the shame of having ignored them all these years. Vine Vera reviews some of the best oils for skin care to help you make the right oil choices, given your current skin issues.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil allows your body to handle stress better and also helps in de-stressing your mind. This automatically offers amazing benefits to your skin. Lavender oil also helps in regenerating your skin cells, which makes it an ideal fit for people with issues like scarring and sun spots or people with mature skin. Better yet, it smells amazing.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is one of the most powerful oils that you can add into your skin care routine. It always lets you wake up to clear looking skin and it easily gets absorbed as well. Jojoba oil basically mimics the sebum, thereby tricking the skin to produce less oil.   

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is very famous among people having acne-prone skin. It is also known to work wonders on your cuticles. The anti-bacterial properties of tea tree oil help in preventing the acne-causing bacteria and regulating the production of oil, which in turn decreases the incidence and severity of breakouts. The oil resembles an astringent in its smell, so it doesn’t have the same icky factor that we usually associate with oils.

Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed Oil is known to be an ideal option for people with oily skin because it can help to regulate the production of oil. Moreover, grapeseed oil is also known to be full of antioxidants, including the all important vitamin C. The ideal way to start believing in grapeseed oil is to use it on your body and wait for the results before putting it onto the face. And you don’t even need to directly apply the oil on your face. There are all sorts of products in the market that contain many of the essential oils mentioned in this list.

Chamomile Oil

Chamomile oil is known to be very popular among people with sensitive skin because of its ability to calm and soothe the skin. Applying chamomile oil on your skin lets you reduce your irritation and redness within seconds. The oil also boasts of some amazing anti-inflammatory properties that make it ideal for people suffering from rosacea. Just make sure that you apply some chamomile oil on your wrist for a patch test before applying it all over your skin.

Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil is more like the new kid on the block. It has been around for years, but it has become an obsession among skin care enthusiasts of late. Rosehip oil penetrates the deepest layers of your skin and regenerates your cells by increasing the production of collagen. It is extremely rich in vitamin c and omega-3 fatty acids. Moreover, it is also known to have a high content of retinoic acid, something that reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Argan Oil

The use of argan oil in skin care actually dates all the way back to traditional Morocco. Argan oil beautifully absorbs into your skin and leaves it with a satin finish. Its qualities make it an ideal option for people wanting anti-aging solutions. The molecular proteins contained in the oil give your skin a tightening effect and help to restore the water-lipid layer of the skin.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the scariest oils to use on anything, but your salad or your food. That being said, it really does work wonders for people suffering from dry skin. The oil is extremely rich in antioxidants and it is famous as one of the best moisturizing oils in the world. Olive oil is also rich in fatty acids, polyphenols and squalene, all of which are compounds that fight aging and nourish the skin.