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Beauty Ingredients That Make you Look More Awake – Vine Vera Reviews

Whether you are a new mom or just a night owl, you do not want to hear “are you feeling okay today” constantly because you didn’t have time for your beauty routine in the morning. For long nights and mornings that come way too quickly, VineVera highlights a few beauty ingredients will help you look more awake and refreshed.

Hot coffee with coffee beans.

Coffee is not your only friend in the morning containing caffeine, there are tons of beauty products that contain caffeine to help wake up your skin. Caffeine in skin care ingredients gives you several beauty benefits. First, caffeine restricts blood vessels which reduces redness in your skin, a perfect solution for someone with irritated skin or rosacea. Secondly, caffeine reduces puffiness making it an ideal ingredient in your eye cream. Lastly, caffeine helps skin appear firmer and can reduce the appearance of cellulite. Choose skin care or beauty products with ingredients such as green or black tea and coffee to help wake up tired skin.

The word "Hyaluronic Acid" written on a tablet.

Hyaluronic Acid
Beauty bloggers, magazines and experts have been raving for some time about hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a carbohydrate that your body normally produces. Unfortunately, the older you get the less hyaluronic acid your body produces. The reason that hyaluronic acid is great for when you’re looking extra tired is that it hydrates the skin while acting as a skin plumper, filler and firming agent. When you are tired and your skin is looking less than bright, a skin care product with hyaluronic acid can provide the dewiness and suppleness you want.

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There are tons of exfoliants in the world of beauty from gels to scrubs. One of the easy ways to add life to your tired looking skin is to use an exfoliator. A mask with a scrub is great, but when you don’t have the time to pamper your skin, look for gentle chemical exfoliants. Two effective and easy exfoliants are Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) such as salicylic acid and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) such as lactic acid. As a general rule, AHAs are for you if your skin is on the dry side while BHAs are perfect for you if your skin tends to be a bit oilier.

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Antioxidants are not only great for your helping your body function at it’s best, they also are super beneficial in skin care as well. Antioxidants occur both synthetically and naturally and they protect your skin against damage from free radicals and your environment. These skin care ingredients not only help you look more refreshed and awake, they also provide protection against things such as further sun damage. The reason that antioxidants are great for when you’re looking (and feeling) less than energized is they help reduce inflammation in the skin. So if you’re pulled an all-nighter, antioxidants in your skin or beauty products help take down inflammation and the puffy look that tired skin often has. The also can reduce redness, soften your skin and add much needed moisture.

Just because you look less than your best when you wake up doesn’t mean you need to spend time you don’t have to carefully make your entire face look perfect with cosmetics. Having a few well chosen skin and beauty products that contain the above ingredients (bonus if the products include more than one ingredient in the list) to help wake up your skin is all it takes for a perfectly refreshed complexion.

Trends in Beauty Ingredients – Vine Vera Reviews

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The biggest beauty trends for the year 2013 were natural ingredients, anti-aging and multi-functional products. The influence of these trends continued into the year 2014, with the inclusion of more men’s personal care products and the use of hydrating ingredients for skin care. A number of products that offered a combination of both trends entered the world of skin care as developers searched for the next big thing. According to statistics, consumers spend about $120 billion each year on personal care products and this figure is expected to increase to $630 billion by the year 2017. In this article, Vine Vera examines the top trends in beauty ingredients.

The Main Highlights of 2013

For the past two years, the top brands have been offering customers multi-functional products, i.e., products that perform at least 2 functions. UV protection has also emerged as one of the key things that consumers look for when it comes to multi-functional products. In fact, 46% customers asked for makeup that offered UV protection in the year 2013. To offer UV protection in their products, a number of developers have reached out to new skin ingredients like SPF enhancers.  Most modern customers are also searching for products that address multiple signs of aging, like products that address dryness and sun damage at the same time or products that deal with hyper-pigmentation and wrinkles at the same time.

To address these demands, cosmetic brands have focused their energies on creating new anti-aging solutions that address a wide range of concerns by adding minerals, antioxidants and vitamins into their product formulations. New areas of personal care such as anti-aging hair care have also emerged in the rapidly growing anti-aging market.

Another trend that has seen a significant rise in the past couple of years is the demand for natural products. This has challenged developers to come across with healthy and effective products that contain natural ingredients and are equally effective. This is why manufacturers are experimenting with ingredients like gellan gum, sunflower, vegetable oils and carrageenan. Active ingredients from beets also are being used to derive lactic acid.

The Main Highlights of 2014

The year 2014 saw brands looking towards ingredients that offer hydrating effects to creams and serums. One of the main challenges was to find the right hydrating ingredient that offered an appealing texture. This became particularly important in the world of skin care, where it is essential to offer hydration without creating a mask-like feel. This saw the introduction of rich pigments and hyaluronic acid in formulations to get that healthy look. Silicones emulsifiers and elastomers were also added in some products because of their pleasing aesthetics and hydrating effects.

Another change that came about in the year 2014 was a new approach to color. Beauty brands switched their attention to unique colors and brighter colors like neon pink and blaze orange. As a result, formulations were devised to highlight the bright hues. One of the best examples was the development of a neon-colored lip gloss that offered shear lip color and ensured that the hair wouldn’t stick to the lip. The gloss had an exciting base combination that offered more shine and longer-wear properties. The use of hydrating ingredients further allowed this gloss to offer plumping and conditioning effects.

2015 and Beyond

The demand for new and improved grooming and personal care products has opened up new territories in the world of skin care, thereby making 2015 an extremely exciting time for the skin care industry. Brands are looking to move into new ingredients and match the ever increasing demands by integrating products that offer multiple benefits, looking for new anti-aging solutions and offer natural ingredients in their product formulations.

Vine Vera is glad to have already ensured that our formulations meet the latest trends. Vine Vera products already use some of the most effective ingredients, serve a number of purposes and offer customers a moisturized look. And since is still a lot of opportunity for innovation, Vine Vera tries to create and discover new and improved solutions every single day.