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Vine Vera Reviews is a luxury skin care line that is quickly becoming the leading cosmetic choice among the rich and famous. Many members of the Hollywood elite, such as Gal Gadot, star of Fast and the Furious, have flocked to the products of Vine Vera, because of its miraculous results.

Skin Care Products Made From Natural Ingredients

Vine Vera prides itself in infusing its skincare products with vitamins, minerals, extracts, antioxidants and other natural ingredients, avoiding the caustic and corrosive chemicals that are included in other skin care lines. Vine Vera’s crowning ingredient is the powerful antioxidant Resveratrol, in which they specially infuse all their skin care products with.

Customers rave, and critics agree, Vine Vera has truly harnessed the key to healthier, more vibrant, younger looking skin.

The Secret to Flawless Skin

Skin care is one of the most essential factor for looking and feeling great. Proper skin care can help your entire body to be healthier and can help to keep you looking younger. New research is constantly coming to the surface in regards to new skin care products that can help improve the condition of the skin. One of the breakthrough discoveries in the past few years has been Resveratrol. This incredible skin care component has amazing restorative effects on the skin and is essential for the healthiest skin possible.

What is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is a naturally occurring compound that is found in the skin of red grapes and other plants. Because Resveratrol comes from red grapes, red wine is commonly hailed for containing this powerful antioxidant.

The Powerful Properties of Resveratrol

There are many benefits of Resveratrol that help the body to be healthy. Many studies show that Resveratrol has anticancer and anti-inflammatory benefits. It also lowers blood sugar and has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

Perhaps Resveratrol’s most prominent properties focus on the health of our skin and Vine Vera has harnessed the incredible effects of Resveratrol into skin care products that really work. Cosmetics and skin care essentials that include Resveratrol have anti-aging agents and work to restore the firmness and smoothness of the skin.

Studies show that Resveratrol improves skin tone and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Dermatologists at the University of Wisconsin discovered that Resveratrol aids in protecting the skin from UV damage. This is a major breakthrough because the sun is a leading cause of premature aging, creating wrinkles and fine lines to form on the skin while also breaking down the skin’s supply of collagen and elastin.

Resveratrol is a Powerful Antioxidant.

Antioxidants are great for the skin because they remove free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that attack healthy skin cells. Many scientists accredit free radicals as the impetus of aging. Antioxidants can slow down the spread of free radicals, and can even destroy the free radicals our body has already created. This does more than slow down the aging process, it helps reverse it.

vine vera reviews In addition to its properties as an antioxidant, resveratrol is the only polyphenol to be scientifically proven to activate the longevity gene that is in our DNA. This gene, SIRT1, enhances cellular productivity so that the body works to heal and renew itself at the cellular level. Our cells have incredible regenerative properties that resveratrol can help to unlock.

Resveratrol is a stunning breakthrough in the science of skin care. Cosmetics and skin care products from Vine Vera feature Resveratrol as a primary ingredient so that you can enjoy all of the benefits of this amazing natural compound. With ongoing studies still being conducted, researchers have only scraped the surface of the incredible benefits of Resveratrol. Take advantage of the best in skincare and add Resveratrol to your daily routine to get the most beautiful and healthy looking skin possible.

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  1. Gina Righi

    Hi I’m looking for a bar soap by Vine Vera that I purchased at a local Orogold counter at Jordan Creek Mall. The sales lady is no longer there and I am unable to find another location to purchase this soap. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Gina Righi

    1. OlgaOlga

      Hell Gina,

      Thank you for contacting us. To place an order for Vine Vera bar soap please contact customer service at 877-554-1777. If you would like to check out any other Vine Vera products please visit: http://www.vinevera.com. If you need assistance with anything else please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Thank you,

      Vine Vera Cosmetics

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  3. debbie marx

    I recently purchased your products and don’t remember when applying Merlot refining peeling cream, for how long do you keep it on your face before washing it off. Thanks Debbie Marx