About Vine Vera

Vine Vera Cosmetics is a luxury skin care line that is quickly becoming one of the top choices for men and women around the world. Many members of the Hollywood elite and people different walks of life have become attracted to our luxurious products, and reviews show that customers are loving every aspect of their Vine Vera experience.

Skin Care Products Made From Skin-Loving Ingredients

Vine Vera prides in the use of hard working skin care ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, extracts, antioxidants and other nutrients, making sure that caustic and corrosive chemicals are avoided, to give you products that work hard, while you rest easy. Our signature ingredient is the popular red wine antioxidant resveratrol, which has been infused in each of our skin care products.

The Secret to Flawless Skin

Skin care is an essential aspect of our daily life. A well-defined skin care routine can go a long way in ensuring that you look and feel younger. As society progresses and new scientific advancements come into the picture, we come across new research and breakthrough ingredients that can go a long way in improving the condition of the skin. One such breakthrough in the recent past has been the discovery of resveratrol, the red wine ingredient that has been complemented for its anti-aging benefits and skin protecting effects.

What is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is a naturally occurring compound that is found in the skin of red grapes and other plants. This phytoalexin is produced when plants are under stress due to UV radiation, drought or fungal attacks, and it is known to help them maintain their health and fight stress. Experts discovered that the ingredient could offer similar benefits to our skin, and studies later proved that resveratrol could actually help humans further their beauty efforts.

The Powerful Properties of Resveratrol

Recent studies have confirmed that resveratrol has a number of skin care benefits on offer. It offers various anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory benefits and can also have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

Perhaps resveratrol’s most prominent properties focus is on the health of our skin and Vine Vera has harnessed its incredible properties in our skin care products. By adding resveratrol into each skin care product, VineVera offers solutions that have been designed to help you in your anti-aging efforts and work to give your skin a firmer and smoother feel.

Studies also show that resveratrol improves the skin tone and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Dermatologists at the University of Wisconsin discovered that resveratrol can protect the skin from UV damage. This proved to be a major breakthrough in anti-aging efforts because sun damage has been attributed as one of the main causes of premature aging, creating wrinkles and fine lines to form on the skin while also breaking down the skin’s supply of collagen and elastin.

Resveratrol as a Powerful Antioxidant

Antioxidants are essential for the skin as they help to protect it from the damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that are present in the environment and are loathed by humans because they attack our healthy skin cells. Many scientists have accredited free radical damage as the impetus of aging. The use of antioxidants can diminish free radical damage, thereby helping in slowing down the aging process and saving us from becoming victims of premature aging.

In addition to its properties as an antioxidant, resveratrol is the only polyphenol that has been scientifically proven to activate the longevity gene that is in our DNA. This gene, SIRT1, enhances cellular productivity so that our bodies heal and renew themselves at the cellular level. In other words, resveratrol holds the key to unlocking the incredible regenerative properties that are already present within our genes.

Despite the numerous trials and studies conducted around the use of resveratrol in skin care and the benefits that it offers, researchers believe that we are only scraping the surface. As science progresses and new discoveries come into the picture, this ingredient is sure to play an even more important role in our day-to-day lives.

By choosing Vine Vera products, you ensure that you take the best advantage of advanced skin care solutions whose formulations not only contains resveratrol, but also includes other ingredients that have proven to offer positive skin benefits.

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74 thoughts on “About Vine Vera

  1. Gina Righi

    Hi I’m looking for a bar soap by Vine Vera that I purchased at a local Orogold counter at Jordan Creek Mall. The sales lady is no longer there and I am unable to find another location to purchase this soap. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Gina Righi

    1. OlgaOlga

      Hell Gina,

      Thank you for contacting us. To place an order for Vine Vera bar soap please contact customer service at 877-554-1777. If you would like to check out any other Vine Vera products please visit: http://www.vinevera.com. If you need assistance with anything else please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Thank you,

      Vine Vera Cosmetics

  2. Carroll B. Merriman

    I simply want to say I’m very new to blogs and truly savored this blog. Very likely I’m planning to bookmark your blog post . You definitely have perfect articles and reviews. Many thanks for sharing with us your web site.

  3. debbie marx

    I recently purchased your products and don’t remember when applying Merlot refining peeling cream, for how long do you keep it on your face before washing it off. Thanks Debbie Marx

  4. Lucy

    I have been using restrivol products for a few months and absolutely love them. My wrinkles around my eyes are reduced.

  5. Gabrielle

    Reading this makes me no more eager to incorporate products containing resveratrol into my skincare routine.

  6. Lora Beal

    I’m really interested in finding out more about these products. I’ve never heard of them before. They look like they would be good I’d like to try them so I could see. I’ll have to watch more YouTube videos and see what they offer.

  7. teresa null

    this is a wonderful site.. you have a lot of products that i would love to try.. i saw that you had restrivol for wrinkles around eyes.. do you have anything for the brown spots caused by the sun?

  8. Jennifer

    Incredible! What an amazing idea! Very innovative! Anxious to read more about this product! Thank you!

  9. Carrie Dunn

    I recently purchased vine Vera in Las Vegas and I instantly fell in love with it. Can’t wait to see what the long term effects on my skin will be!!

  10. ouida stokes

    The benefits of the resveratrol is awesome. Not just for good skin but the health benefits are the greatest of any skin care line available. Would love to give it a try.

  11. Debra S

    Resveratrol! I have only heretofore read about how good it is for our insides! I never gave it a thought about on our skin. But, if Vita C is also good on our skin- why wouldn’t follow that Resveratrol would be good, also? And if it has the ONLY ingredient in it that unlocks the longevity gene, well, count me into wanting to try this very much.

  12. David Heath

    Incredible! What an amazing idea! Very innovative! Anxious to read more about this product! Thank you!

  13. Anna Evans

    I love that the ingredients are natural. I am in early 40s and just now starting to show signs of aging, i.e. wrinkles, age spots. I feel this product would help my complexion and give my skin the brightness it needs.

  14. Theresa C.

    I love all the ingredients that Vine Vera uses, and I’m looking forward to trying some of the products.

  15. cathy kemp

    be lovely to be able to afford this product, has many greateffects if they work. would be great to have if it really workd my face needs a miracle

  16. Andee

    I have been hearing alot about this. Might have to finally break down and look for a place near me who sells and try it out.

  17. RTR

    I received the Vine Vera Shiraz Instentic Non-surgical syringe as a gift. I LOVE it. I believe it has all ready shaved years off of my face! Hooray for this product

  18. Lori WEbb

    My poor face needs so many skin care solutions! I would love to try something new and hope it works

  19. Jennifer

    I am getting older( in my early 30′s ) I have dry skin and fine lines that always soak up foundation and what not when applied to my skin … I’d love to find a product to ehlp fill in those lines and possibly even out my skin tone.

  20. Susan Spurling

    Very interested to learn that this is the only polyphenol proven to activate the longevity gene. This is amazing! Can’t wait to try it.

  21. Dana Matthews

    I love that this product is said to help with UV damage. I worry so much about the sun and what it does to my skin.

  22. gloria patterson

    I don’t understand a lot of this but it sound like Vine Vera has worked long and hard to come up with these products.

  23. Daniela

    I tried the Vine Vera Shiraz Instentic Non-Surgical Syringe and I loved it! You literally see results immediately!!!

  24. Sandra

    I tray first sample of Vnevera cosmetics, and after I bught one, it was very nice. My face its better :) Thank you

  25. Cici S.

    My mother in law has large saggy, almost fluid like filled bags under her eyes. We were stopped by a Vine Vera sales woman, and I would normally say “no thanks, not interested.”, but I was in a good mood so I obliged. Holy Smokes- we could not believe our eyes! The non-surgical syringe cream was dapped on and in about 2 minutes her bags were GONE! Needless to say she bought a syringe and the shiraz eye cream!

  26. Jill Zintz

    I just purchased Vine Vera this weekend. I can tell it is a great product already! The dissolving of fine lines around my eyes is incredible! Love it! Thank you Vine Vera!

  27. Lizzie V

    Hi, I just purchased about $3000 worth of products and I’m unsure of the frequency and sequence of putting on each product. Could someone advise the procedure via my email please? Thank you very much!

  28. Gita Rani

    I tested this product in Livermoore Outloet mall in California and I loved this. Due to expensive product, I could not buy this but i loved the outcome on trial.

  29. Karla

    Wow so im very skeptical about beauty products until last sunday went to the mall and got a sample of the products , mom got a mini facial and i gotta say that the eye serum literally madevthe bags under her eyes vanish within 3 minutes i was so amazed i kept taking pictures of her .amazing!

  30. robyn donnelly

    I love the way you package your products and give people a fair share of the product that they order. The quality is amazing. Thanks.

  31. Laura Martell

    Just tried resveratrol non surgical syringe today under my eyes. I’m totally in shock on how well it made my wrinkles disappear. My skin is still tight and it’s going on 7 hours. This stuff is amazing!!!

  32. marie

    I’ve tried countless products ( Obagi, Skin Ceuticals) and even went to see a dermatologist. This product is by far the best. I love how it leaves my skin feeling.

  33. Shanna Stich

    I tried this product at a home show in Phoenix and it is amazing! My husband tried it also and he was impressed. I just know we couldn’t afford what they were asking for It! We both could use it to help with our crows Feet!

  34. barbara Tryon

    I would love to try this product. Looking for a product to fix my eyes. I did not know about this product and glad to have read this.

  35. Cheryll Shubert

    I have not had a chance to try this line yet but every review I have read has been positive. I really try to take very good care of my skin…it’s one of the most important things (I believe). I work at an insurance company as an Executive Assistant and it is my job to welcome our investors and clients when they come in for meetings. Great skin helps convey a wonderful first impression. I am absolutely dying to try this skincare line! It just sounds so amazing!!! I have read everything I could find about it and have been so impressed with the reviews and every article!!