Quick Beauty Routines To Get You Through Christmas Eve & Day

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The stockings are hung and the tree could rival a Macy’s Christmas display. The presents are wrapped and meticulously arranged. You’ve set out party trays that could put Martha Stewart to shame and baked a sweet potato pie that would make Paula Dean green with envy. The guests are due any minute, and the only thing left to prepare is yourself. C’mon, you know who the real star on the Christmas tree is! You’ve got everything else looking perfect, now it’s time for what really counts, so get to work girl!

Clean Your Skin
Cooking and cleaning can leave your complexion less than perfect. If you need to refresh your makeup or soak up oil, mist your face with a primer and then pat down with a tissue. Follow up with a loose dusting of powder and you’re good to go!

Instant Highlights
If your hair is less than lustrous, makeup artist Morgen Schick advises sprinkling translucent powder over your roots and then brushing through for glamorous locks.

Hydrate skin
If you want to save a step, you can use hair conditioner to moisturize your skin. Just rub some into the top of your head and keep on going down to your toes. Then rinse off and dry. This will do the job of lotion while saving the time waiting for it to be absorbed.

Quick Mani
Instead of waiting for nail polish to dry, try going natural. Remove polish and clean your nails with lemon juice. Massage thick lotion (like glycerin, or vaseline) into your cuticles and you’ve got hands that will look almost too good to serve food!

Pink Lipstick
If you don’t have time to flawlessly apply concealer, try a warm pink lipstick. No matter what your skin tone, Schick says, “It distracts people’s eyes from blemishes and other imperfections.”

If your hair is not behaving, wet your hands, squeeze on a drop of hand moisturizer and pull your hair into a French twist. Wait for ten minutes, untwist, and your mane will be tamed.

T-zone Blow Dry
If you’re in a time crunch, makeup artist Eva Scrivo suggests drying your hair around your part and hairline only. She says, “As long as the front and top of your hair looks finished, so will you.”

woman with eye liner holding sparkles
If you can only have time to do one thing to your eyes, eyeliner is your quickest path to sexy. Stretch out the lines to just past the corners of your eyes for some extra dimension.

Wake Up Call
If you’ve been up all night testing the eggnog, just pat concealer into the corners of your eyes, around your nose and under your lashes. Complete by applying bronzer to your cheeks.

Do the Pony
No need to go fancy. A simple ponytail is always neat and elegant. Roy Teeluck instructs you to pull your hair into a haphazard arrangement, spray, and pull out stray tendrils.

Now go sparkle! Your guests are waiting! Let us know how you pulled off your last minute beauty routine this year! We love to hear it!

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