Beauty Products and Eye Infection

So here’s a really “great” video game to give your little girls for Christmas! The game is called “Car Make-Up” and the object is for girls to “do the unthinkable- apply makeup while driving!” The game then instructs the player to, “Click on each of the makeup options and try to get ready within the allotted time the car is driving,” and then warns, “The car will occasionally bump the side of the road and hit a hazard, so watch out. The more you avoid the hazards, the higher your points will be.”

woman putting on eye liner
Really? Has it come to this? While our little boys engage in virtual warfare, our little girls risk life and limb to apply makeup? Among the multitudes of dangers involved in applying makeup in a moving vehicle, perhaps getting cosmetics in your eye is the least of all worries, but it can be a pretty big deal. Let’s check it out.

Eye Problems Associated with Makeup

Scratched Cornea
Damage to the cornea is one of the most serious consequences of makeup application. It is most likely to occur when using eyeliner or mascara. The most common injury is corneal abrasion, which has the potential to lead to serious infection.

Allergic Reactions
Always check makeup labels to make sure you have no known allergies to the ingredients. Allergic reactions include irritation, infection, and redness If you develop any of these problems, your best bet would be to find a new product.

Woman with conjunctivitis
More commonly referred to as pink eye, conjunctivitis can be a result of bacteria from your makeup entering your eye. Although most makeup products contain preservatives to prevent this from happening, expired or insecurely sealed makeup may be bacteria-friendly.

What Can You Do?

Don’t Share Your Makeup
No matter how much your girlfriends drool over your new glitter shadow, tell them to keep their hands to themselves and get their own! And don’t be applying it on your better half either. Sharing makeup is an easy way for bacteria to transfer.

Keep Your Liner Outside Your lash Line!
No matter how many YouTube tutorials you see with girls dragging down their inner and upper lids to apply liner, it will never be a smart thing to do! Besides, professionals will agree that while large quantities of black liner looks dramatic, it actually makes eyes look smaller. You don’t need more places to put eyeliner on your eyes, and especially no if it scratches your eye or eyelids.

Replace Makeup Every Three to Four Months 
Expired products lose their ability to fight bacteria. If your mascara is starting to clump, it is probably time to replace, and, who wants clumpy mascara anyway? Also, if you do have the misfortune of getting an eye infection, you’re best advised to replace any products you used while infected to stop the spread of bacteria, as difficult as this may be.

Never Do Your Makeup in Your Car!
This may be right up there with texting when it comes to distracted driving and is also a very likely way to a scratched cornea or eye irritation. Keep your eyes on the road, your hands on the wheel, and put the makeup on your face before you get in the car.

Remember, no matter how beautiful your eyes look with makeup, irritated and infected eyes are never a good look! Fell free to write in and tell us about your experiences with makeup and eye infections.

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