Total Body Benefits Of Tocopherol

Woman with Vitamin B
If you have seen the movie, “Baby Mama,” you may be familiar with a scene in which Tina Fey is attempting to coax surrogate mom Amy Poehler into swallowing a larger than life prenatal vitamin. After multiple attempts involving water, a most inventive Vitamin Sandwich, a throat massage, and eventually Tina Fey’s refusal, the said vitamin remains in Poehler’s mouth, never reaching her targeted stomach. This is unfortunate. The vitamin most likely contained tocopherol. Alpha-tocpherol is the a name used for the most active type of vitamin E. It is derived from the Greek words tokos, “offspring” and hero, “to bear.” Hence tocopheryl means “to bear children.”

Benefits of Vitamin E

Increased Thickness Of Uterine Lining
An April 2010 study published by Fertility and Sterility showed that supplementing with Vitamin E could help women with a uterine lining under 8 mm. Results showed that, given at 600 mg/day, vitamin E increased endometrial thickness in 52% of those studied and radial artery in 72%.

Improved Sperm Motility, Reduce Chance of Miscarriage
Studies show that vitamin E can increase percent of live sperm, sperm motility and percent of normal spermatozoa. A study performed on rats found that lack of vitamin E in the diet resulted in infertility because the sperm of the male rates had become immobile and female rats had a higher rate of miscarriage. When the rodents were given wheat germ oil, high in vitamin E, their fertility was miraculously restored.

Better Glucose Metabolism and Insulin Activity
Insulin resistant PCOS or diabetes can be a major concern for women trying to conceive. One study showed that diabetics who did not take insulin had higher levels of insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance after taking 1,310 IU of Vitamin E for a 4 month period.

Reduction in Fibrocystic Breast Disease and PMS
Fibrocystic breast disease is a condition in which benign tumors in the breast become swollen and painful during menstruation. Studies show that women given 600 IU of Vitamin E each day experienced a reduction of fibrocystic great disease and overall symptoms of PMS. Researchers concluded that this is due to vitamin E’s abilities to stabilize hormone levels in women with FBD and PMS.

Increased Success for IVF
Another study shows that the fertilization rate of men who took vitamin E before IVF treatment increased from 19 to 29%.

Woman with Vine Vera gives you all the benefits of taking Tocopheryl.

Miscarriage Prevention
Taking up to 600 IU of vitamin E per day can help to prevent miscarriage in women who have miscarried in the past.

Healthy Amniotic Sac
Vitamin E can prevent the rupture of membranes in pregnancy and increase the quality of the amniotic sac.

So Amy, maybe you can try a little harder to swallow next time. If you have any experiences with tocopheryl, or know some ways to make pills go down a little more easily, we would love to hear from you. Please send in all your comments and suggestions!

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