Getting To The Bottom Of Redness And Irritation

Is there anyone out there who remembers the 1998, prime time sitcom, “Sabrina the Teenage Witch?” If you happen to be a “Sabrina” follower, you may remember Season 3, Episode 3, entitled, “Boy, Was My Face Red.” In this episode, Valerie (Lindsay Sloane) has an embarrassing moment in school and Sabrina (Melissa Joan Hart) decides to cast a spell to spare Valerie from the ridicule of her schoolmates. In a somewhat boomerang-like twist, Valerie’s embarrassment is absorbed by Sabrina, resulting in Sabrina’s face literally turning red. Sabrina seeks refuge in the the Other Realm, as one does, only to find out that the only way to get over hardships is to face them head on.

We hear you Sabrina. A red complexion can be a drag, and, while not all of us have the option of hiding in other realms, there are some other things for the red of face to consider.

 irritating skin

Causes Of Redness
Assuming you are not a victim of a spell gone haywire, there are a few possible causes of skin redness. The skin of acne sufferers tend to display a background redness or splotchy patches, Rosacea can also cause red skin, especially when triggered by a glass of wine or the sun. Perioral dermatitis can cause redness around the chin. nose, mouth, and eyes.

Avoid Triggers
Redness of the face can be triggered by irritants. It is important to determine if any of the products you are using on your skin are exacerbating the condition. Stop using them all and then bring them back one at a time to try and locate which one is the culprit. You can also consult an allergist about getting a patch test done.

OTC Cream
Licorice and feverfew are both over the counter natural anti-inflammatories. Products containing turmeric, magnesium, tea, ginger and cucumber are also effective.
Avoid products with peppermint, fragrance, witch hazel, clove oil, and eucalyptus that are likely to irritate skin.

Cold Compresses
Cold compresses can cool and soothe skin while fading redness and inflammation. Simply run a wash cloth under cool water and apply it to your skin. You can put it the fridge for a few minutes for maximum effectiveness.

Aloe Vera
With all the benefits of aloe vera, it is no surprise that one of them is the ability to act as a salve. Use a whole leaf on your face or buy aloe vera gel at a drug store. Spread a small amount on red areas and massage with fingertips. In 30 minutes, you should feel more comfortable and redness will be less noticeable. woman with aloe vera

Corrective Concealer
If you chose to use corrective concealer to mask redness, look for one with an added pigment. A green tint tends to work the best at counteracting redness. Dot small amounts over red area and use a sponge or fingers to blend in. For best results, avoid layering too thickly.

Aspirin Paste
Aspirin contains salicylic acid which can reduce inflammation of blood vessels. Crush half an aspirin into a bowl, add a few drops of water and mix into paste. dab on to face and allow to sit for about 30 minutes. Rinse face and pat dry.

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