Tasty Accompaniments For Caviar

woman eating black caviar

Those of you who were avid watchers of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”, a 1990’s reality show precursor, ” may remember host Robin Leach’s signature sign-off ,”champagne wishes and caviar dreams.” Very appropriate, as many of us consider caviar to be the dish most closely associated with the moneyed class. Marilyn Monroe named caviar as her favorite food and Elizabeth Taylor used it as a skin cream. Indeed, Beluga caviar is among the most expensive dishes in the world, with prices ranging as high as $200-$300 per ounce.

Why Are Fish Eggs so Expensive?

The role that eventually becomes beluga caviar comes from the beluga sturgeon, found in the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea and it takes two decades for the female sturgeon to reach its maximum size when it is bursting with eggs and weighing in at around two tons. The beluga sturgeon is also an endangered species. The only country that is still able to import beluga caviar is Iran because it is the only country whose conservation policies are considered rigid enough to adequately protect the fish. Other varieties of caviar include osetra, sevruga, and starlet, but the beluga is the most desirable and expensive because its role consists of the largest and softest eggs.

Serving Caviar

Keep caviar unopened in the fridge until ready to serve. Remove it from the fridge 15 minutes to an hour before your plan to serve it. Use a bone, gold plated, mother of pearl or plastic spoon to serve. Never use silver or stainless steel. Caviar should be eaten within one hour after being open.

The best alcoholic complements to alcohol? There are no rules written in stone, but the consensus of opinion dictates that chilled vodka, dry sparkling wine, white wine and dry champagne work best.

Classic Caviar Plate

Place caviar into a decorative caviar bowl with ice to keep cold. Surround it with small bowls of chopped egg yolks and egg whites (separated), red onion, lemon wedges , chives, creme fraiche or sour cream and toast points. Blini and latkes are also popular caviar conveyors.

Getting Creative With Caviar

if you have a huge budget and want to throw the party that they will be talking about around the water cooler for ages, you may want to consider the following. Wolfgang Puck does a mean Smoked Salmon Pizza with Caviar. You can pair your caviar with smoked salmon, and artichoke hearts, or add them to your pea soup. Make a caviar-topped Russian egg, or, perhaps most creatively, use caviar and creme fraiche to top potato chips.


If you want to look like a real caviar connoisseur, there a loads of caviar accessories available for purchase. Mother of pearl spoons and dishes are available in an assortment of sizes and are both elegant and beautiful. If you prefer your caviar experience al fresco, you can purchase picnic bags and coolers designed for transporting the fish eggs ,and if you’d like to show your allegiance to caviar, golf balls, and baby bibs are also available.

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