Ingredient Spotlight: Acmella Oleracea Extract

The quest for youthful looking skin seems never-ending. Serums, creams, lotions and potions all promise to keep your skin looking radiant, and there certainly are some skincare products with quality ingredients and formulas that really do deliver results. Some choose to go a bit bigger in the battle against aging and look towards plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedures to maintain a bright, beautiful appearance. Now, you may be able to skip traditional cosmetic procedures for aging, like BOTOX, and use skincare products that contain acmella oleracea extract. This plant extract has been used for years for medicinal purposes, but it is now being looked at as an alternative treatment for anti-aging.

Oleracea plant

What is Acmella Oleracea?
This plant is a small, tender annual that can grow from 12 to 15 inches and spreads about two feet wide. The leaves of the acmella oleracea plant are a dark, bronzey green on top but paler underneath. The oval shaped flowers of this tree are a bright yellow with a single orange-red center. Also known as toothache plant, acmella oleracea has been long used as a treatment for toothaches because it has analgesic effects. While you can chew on the leaves for relief from a toothache, you can also use an extract of the plant. It is the extract of this plant that is used for cosmetic purposes as well.

What Does Acmella Oleracea do for Your Skin?
When applied topically, the extract of this plant relaxes facial muscles and reduces muscle tension. In turn, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are much less pronounced. Wrinkles caused partly by muscle tension, ease and relax when exposed to the extract, providing a smoother, more even complexion. Some people have claimed that this extract is an excellent natural solution to aging because it lacks the invasiveness of BOTOX. Acmella oleracea extract is also a much more cost effective alternative to procedures like BOTOX.

The extract contains analgesic alkylamides known as splinthol. It is the splinthol in acmella oleracea extract “paralyzes” facial muscles. To be most effective, the extract is applied topically in products. The formulation of skincare products containing acmella oleracea must be of quality ingredients that are able to penetrate the skin easily. As the extract penetrates the skin it inhibits contractions in subcutaneous muscles.

Does it Work?
Although there is still ongoing research regarding acmella oleracea, the answer as to whether it is effective seems to be yes. A clinical study revealed that 75% of patients reported seeing significantly smoother skin the day after initial application. Currently, there are patents in the works to develop this anti-aging extract as a safe, natural and cost efficient alternative to BOTOX.

In the quest against aging, there seems to constantly be a new miracle product,  ingredient or procedure that promises youthful skin. Acmella oleracea extract is a promising ingredient in the fight against aging. To achieve the best results from any anti-aging product, you must be taking good care of your skin keeping it cleansed and hydrated. If you are interested in anti-aging, be on the lookout for skincare products that contain this wonderful plant extract.

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