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Father’s Day is approaching and one of the ways you can show the man, or men, in your life your love is by providing him a gift of skin care. Okay, so he may not react as you might when given quality skin care items, but stay with us. Giving the father/s in your life skin care suggests that they are worth investing time into themselves and you provide them with items they may not splurge on otherwise. Besides, if your guy has been grabbing for your skin care bottles, he might be super disappointed by the results.

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Is Skin Care Different for Men?
The answer is a resounding yes. The skin of men is vastly different than the skin of women, and as such it will have needs that are not the same as the needs of women’s skin care. The International Dermal Institute states that the although the ability of men to be able to grow a beard is one distinction, there are others that are not as evident. From a structural point of view, there are several differences such as collagen density, skin thickness, texture, hydration and loss of collagen as we age.

So, yeah, skin care for men is definitely different than skin care for women. Why? The main difference occurs due to androgens, the male sex hormones. The International Dermal Institute goes on to say that androgens (including testosterone) lead to the presence of a dense network of collagen fibers when compared to those found in the female skin.

Skin Care Ingredients for Male Skin
Now that you know why you need to look for specialized skin care for men, what ingredients should you be looking for?

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Antioxidants are important skin care ingredients for both men and women. These powerful substances fight free radical damage through oxidation. The most common antioxidant ingredients to look for include vitamins A, C and E in addition to selenium and zinc.

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Though  man’s skin is certainly different from a woman’s, all skin should be exfoliated regularly. This can be achieved using scrubs designed to exfoliate dead, dry skin or through the use of chemical exfoliants. Chemical exfoliants are more gentle on the skin than harsh scrubs and can be used daily. These liquids or gels are swiped across the face to remove excess sebum (oil), dirt, dead skin cells and other debris. Chemical exfoliants are typically classified as alpha hydroxy acids or beta hydroxy acids. Beta hydroxy acids are salicylic acid while alpha hydroxy acids are most frequently glycolic, lactic or malic acids.

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Men’s faces may have a denser collagen network than women, but they still require moisture. Glycerin is an excellent ingredient to look for in men’s moisturizer.Glycerin is especially beneficial for use after shaving as it helps to improve the barrier function of the skin.

Show the man/men in your life some love by investing in skin care for Father’s Day. By selecting products specifically targeted for men you make sure that his skin is being completely taken care of according to it’s specific needs.

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