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Biking to stay in shape and stay youthful Aging has always been an extremely mysterious process and despite the wealth of scientific research, this mystery doesn’t show signs of getting solved in the near future. The research conducted around aging has shown that a number of cellular and body functions change in very undesirable ways as a person becomes older. Science hasn’t been able to determine whether these changes are due to the passage of time (which makes them inevitable) or due to a person’s lifestyle (which makes them mutable). Vine Vera Skincare reviewed a new study which determined that older people can physiologically resemble people much younger to them due to the effects that exercise has on aging.

The findings of this study also show that how a person ages is entirely up to the person and that the inevitability of physical decline might actually be incorrect. Most of the older people are known to be very sedentary nowadays and this ends up affecting their health, thereby making it difficult to separate the effects that sedentary lifestyles have on aging. This study was conducted by researchers working for the University of Birmingham, England and the King’s College London and published in The Journal of Physiology.

The researchers removed inactivity as a factor in this study and concentrated on studying the health of aged people who were actually quite active. According to the director of Centre of Human and Aerospace Physiological Science at King’s College London, Stephen Harridge, the researchers wanted to determine what happens to the functioning of the human body as the body ages in the best-case scenario. Thus, they recruited a total of 41 women and 85 men in the age group 55 to 79. All of these volunteers were serious recreational riders, but they were not competitive athletes.

To qualify for this study, the men had to complete 62 miles within 6.5 hours and the women had to complete 37 miles within 5.5 hours. The researchers also ran each volunteer through a number of cognitive and physical tests and determined the muscular mass, the endurance capacity, the metabolic health, memory function, pedaling power, muscular strength, memory function, reflexes and bone density for each volunteer. Moreover, each and every participant was also made to complete the Timed Up and Go test. To complete this test, they had to stand up from a chair without support, brisk walk for about 10 feet, walk all the way back to the chair and sit down. The results of the study were compared for each participant against the standard benchmarks and against each other.

As it turned out, the physical functioning of all cyclists remained to be stable across ages and that their performance was closer to people from a younger age bracket. The Timed Up and Go test results for most participants were also found to be exemplary. Most of the group required just 7 seconds to complete the task and even the oldest cyclists averaged just 5 seconds, which is considered to be within the norm for young adults. This study clearly goes on to indicate how important regular exercise is to ensure that you age properly and stay and mobile even in your old age.    

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