Resveratrol Could Reduce Alcohol Related Cancer Risks

Vine Vera was delighted to come across yet another study that showed how effective the ingredient Resveratrol truly is. As you already know, Vine Vera uses Resveratrol in each of its products to offer your skin with the very best of anti-aging skin care solutions. Vine Vera examines this latest study on Resveratrol to discover what else this superb ingredient has to offer to the skin.

Vine Vera reviewed a study that was published in the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology Journal, November Volume. This study was conducted by a group of researchers from the University of Colorado and it talked about how Resveratrol could actually help in blocking out the cancer risks related to alcohol drinking.

With the holiday season coming to a close, this is an ideal time to include some Resveratrol into your regular routine because all that binge drinking and excessive alcohol intake during the holiday season also brought along with it an increased risk to all kinds of cancer, including breast cancer, head cancer, liver cancer, neck cancer and colorectal cancer.

According to Prof. Robert Sclafani, an investigator at the Cancer Center (University of Colorado), the body has ways to repair the damage caused by alcohol, but when one ends up consuming too much of alcohol, the body is eventually unable to rectify some of the damage that is caused by excessive consumption.

The human body converts alcohol into acetyl aldehyde in order to metabolize it. The body uses aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) to convert the acetyl aldehyde into acetic acid, which can then easily be excreted from the body. When alcohol is in its partially processed state of Acetyl Aldehyde, it produces cross links that can lead to cellular death. Therefore, if there is more than enough alcohol in the body, the body ends up having a backlog of Acetyl Aldehyde which still needs to be converted into acetic acid. As a result, the body ends up having insufficient ALDH and this ultimately leads to all the cross-linking which increases the risk of cancer.

Prof. Sclafani mentions that there is a compound in red wine which blocks out these cancer causing effects of alcohol and he believes that this compound is none other than Resveratrol. The researchers used this particular study to determine that Resveratrol actually killed the cells that had unrepaired DNA damage to prevent them from causing cancer. Evidence also suggests that Resveratrol can directly bind with RNA and DNA, activate antioxidants, kill the cells that cause the most damage and prevent inflammation. That being said, it is also important to understand that Resveratrol isn’t a magical compound. It is definitely useful for the body, but even Resveratrol has its own limitations. At the most, it might help out in significantly reducing the probability of cancer because of alcohol consumption, but it cannot eliminate the chance altogether.

Clinical trials are currently ongoing to actually determine the ability of Resveratrol when it comes to preventing liver cancer and colon cancer. Sr. Schlafani and his colleagues also plan to test this ingredient in the prevention and treatments of other types of cancer such as head cancer and neck cancer.


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