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Skincare product ingredients Haven’t you ever longed of having dewy, soft and beautiful looking skin right in the middle of winter and longed for those summer months to come back? Things like harsh winds, chilly temperatures and the lack of moisture torment and tantalize your skin and force it to become a shadow of its former glory. The biggest problem is that because of the dry and frigid external conditions, even the most basic indoor heat makes your skin appear to be even more parched. This causes the protective barrier on your skin to crack and it becomes all the more difficult for your skin to repair itself. However, all is not lost. You might be able to save your moisture-starved skin and ensure that it looks soft and beautiful in the winter as well. All you need to do is look at this Vine Vera Guide of the best winter skin care ingredients.

Vine Vera on Lactic Acid for Scaly Skin

Try using products that contain lactic acid on your arms and legs to prevent them from looking scaly. The use of lactic acid in skin care dates all the way back to the time of Queen Cleopatra and this ingredient not only works as a powerful exfoliant, but also helps you to moisturize your skin.

Vine Vera on Salicylic Acid for Dead Looking Skin and Keratosis Pilaris

The dead and dry skin on the outermost layer of your skin can lead to flare-ups of a condition known as Keratosis Pilaris, i.e., rough skin. To help your skin to save itself from this condition, decrease the amount of dead skin cells from your body and to reduce the appearance of bumps, all you need to do is add a product that contains Salicylic Acid in your winter skin care routine.

Creamy moisturizers for the winter months

To protect your arms, torso and your legs, it is essential to switch to a moisturizing body cleanser and a creamy moisturizer during the winters. There are a number of moisturizers that contain an amazing mix of ingredients and natural oils and leave behind a creamy sheen on your skin.

Soap-free Cleansers for Chapping or Parched Hands

To save yourself from parched or chapping hands, you need to switch to soap-free cleansers and products that don’t contain alcohol. These products dry out your skin and make it look dry and dull. It is also important to lather on a moisturizing lotion right after cleansing your skin to prevent moisture loss.

Choose Gentle Exfoliators and DIY Deep Peels for the Perfect Exfoliation

Using the right DIY deep peel or a gentle exfoliator can brighten the skin and help your other winter skin care products to penetrate your skin better and become more effective. The right exfoliators still remove the same amount of skin cells, but they do so gently so that your skin doesn’t have to suffer.

Use Honey for Dry Patches on your Skin

Honey can be an excellent way of getting rid of the dry patches on your knees or elbows. You can also use the right skin care products that have the right ingredient mix for such issues. According to studies, humectants can help you to reduce inflammation and things like sugar can increase circulation in your skin, thereby making it look lively.

Buttery Moisturizers for your Feet at Night

To protect your roughed up feet, all you need to do is buff away the calluses and apply a buttery moisturizer while your feet is still damp. Don’t forget to wear a pair of socks after applying the moisturizer. Do this for a month and your feet will become young and beautiful all over again.

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