5 Best Foods for Younger Looking Skin

Everybody loves to look young. While a healthy diet and proper care of your skin can help, you also need to make sure that you have the right amount of nutrients and proteins. Skin elasticity is a principal factor for wrinkle-free and younger-looking skin.

Vine Vera brings you the list below of the best foods to improve the elasticity of skin and make it less prone to wrinkles. These foods will help you get skin that is healthy and glowing, even if you are well into the age of lines and wrinkles.

Bunch of different dried fruitsDry fruits – Biotin is a B vitamin that forms the foundation for healthy hair, skin and nails. Almonds and peanuts provide for excellent dietary sources of biotin. Cashews and sesame seeds give plant-based selenium that protects the skin from sun damage. One can also use seed butters and nut to make a delicious sauce for whole grains and veggies. Vitamin E, a fat-soluble nutrient that protects the skin from sun damage is provided by nuts such walnuts and almonds.

Bowl of sweet potato soupTubers – Root  vegetables such as sweet potato is another rich source of biotin. Our body uses copper to create elastin, which helps the skin cells to form a healthy foundation. Sweet potato also supplies the body with 16 percent of its daily copper requirements. It also has a very low glycemic index of 17 and contains 65 percent of the minimum amount of vitamin C essentially required by the human body on a daily basis. Sweet potato along with other starchy tubers, also stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid or HA by the body. This acid enables the skin to hold onto moisture, thereby helping it to maintain a smooth appearance. One can have a bowl of hot and spicy sweet potato soup.

Whole grains – The body’s daily need of selenium is fulfilled by whole grains. A cup of cooked couscous provides 62 percent of the body’s everyday selenium needs. One can also try a couscous and broccoli salad!Broccoli and couscous salad with other veggies

Broccoli – Alpha-lipoic acid or ALA is a super anti-oxidant with powerful anti-aging properties. The broccoli and couscous salad provides the body with a good amount of ALA, and is a double-whammy for elasticity of the skin. The amount of alpha-lipoic acid provided by two cups of broccoli equals to that of a supplement pill. It also contains a number of nutrients that strengthens the skin tissues and offers a natural tan to the skin that can be flaunted around the year.

Flax – Flax is a super seed that contains DMAE. It not only protects the skin against sun damage but also prevents the formation of wrinkles. It is another good source of dietary alpha-lipoic acid. However, it is to be made sure that the flax meal being consumed should be of ground flax seeds. This is because our body cannot digest whole flax seeds. One of the ways of having flax is by adding two tablespoons of it to a recipe of green smoothie.

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