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Bowl of soy bean oil with a spoon full of soy beands IGlycine Soja Oil, commonly known as Soy Bean Oil, is an ingredient that is derived from the soybean plant. Glycine Soja Oil is very common in all sorts of skin and body care products such as cleansers, sunscreens, conditioners and shampoos. One of the main reasons why Glycine Soja Oil is so common in the world of skin and body care is that it is a natural emollient and an excellent moisturizer as well.

Glycine Soja Oil is famous for possessing the ability of successfully being able to improve all areas of the body – right from the skin and the hair to the functioning of your internal systems. Moreover, Glycine Soja Oil contains great quantities of ingredients such as Sterolins and lenulic acids. Both of these ingredients are known to work wonders for the hair, the glands and the skin. Furthermore, Glycine Soja Oil is also full of fatty acids. Fatty acids have been commonly termed as the key to maintaining skin health and restoring the long lost glow.

Glycine Soja Oil also contains antioxidants such as Vitamin B-complex and Vitamin C. Both of these antioxidants are famous for preventing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and helping the skin to restore its long lost radiance. Apart from giving you healthier looking skin, Glycine Soja Oil can also work wonders in terms of improving the appearance of your skin texture. This ensures that your skin looks brighter and glows like before.

There was a study conducted by a group of researchers who work for the Göteborg University in Sweden. According to this study, Genistein, an Isoflavanoid, can be found in Glycine Soja Oil. Genistein is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties that can affect the granulocytes, monocytes and the lymphocytes. Furthermore, Genistein is also associated with inhibiting the production of metalloproteinase enzymes. These enzymes are known to cause a breakdown in the skin collagen.

Another study that was conducted in Japan and was published in the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology had proved that an intake of about 40 mg of soy aglycones on a regular basis for a period of 12 weeks had actually improved the skin condition of about 26 female volunteers who were in the age bracket of late 30s to early 40s.

Now that you’re aware of the wonders that Glycine Soja Oil has to offer, let’s try to understand exactly how it benefits your skin.

Improve the appearance of the skin – Glycine Soja Oil is extremely rich in isoflavanoids that protect the skin from damage and help to promote the growth of healthy skin cells. This diminishes the signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines and also helps your skin to glow and look much better than before.

Improve the health of the skin – Glycine Soja Oil is also known to be highly rich in a number of antioxidants that can protect the skin from free radical damage. This prevents the skin cells from breaking down and promotes the growth of healthier skin cells. As a result, the overall health of your skin improves tremendously.

Removing the appearance of skin blemishes – Glycine Soja Oil is well loved by people suffering skin blemishes like acne. Using this oil on a regular basis can help to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes  and make the skin look healthier.

Customized moisturizing – Finally, the use of Glycine Soja Oil can also help people having combination skin. Glycine Soja Oil has always been termed as a customized moisturizer because of its unique ability to suit people with dry skin as well as people with oily skin. Those using Glycine Soja Oil have found it to be highly softening and smooth.

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