Top 5 Fruits for Radiant Skin

Did you know that having fruit juice every day could help you get a clean and clear complexion? A facial massage with fruit pulp can also go a long way in cleaning and rejuvenating your face. Fruit facials have also become extremely popular over the past decade. And what better way to pamper your face than treating it with something pure and hygienic right out of your kitchen. Something that is beneficial for your skin and doesn’t cause harm in any manner whatsoever. Apart from the fact that these fruits can hydrate and rejuvenate your face, they also allow you to relax and de-stress. Moreover, they are natural, easy to use and cost effective as well. Here is Vine Vera‘s list of the top 5 fruits for radiant skin.

2 Whole Mangoes


Mangoes, popularly known as the king of fruits, are not just amazing to eat, they are amazing for your health as well. Mangoes are believed to be extremely rich antioxidants that are full of Vitamin A and Beta Carotene. They help you to save your skin from issues like acne, dark spots and blemishes. Furthermore, mangoes go a long way  in adding some shine to your skin and giving it some vigor as well. Mango scrubs can also be used to remove blackheads from your face. Last but not the least, mango pulp can be used as a de-tanning agent as well.

  3 whole apiricotts


Apricots are not just good for your taste buds, they are amazing for your skin as well. Apricots are believed to be one of the best things for people with dry skin. Apricots are extremely rich in antioxidants and they can do wonders in terms of restoring your elasticity and helping damaged skin to recover. Apricots are rich in Vitamin A and this helps them to assist with ironing out wrinkles. Furthermore, the natural oils present in apricots can lead to add a protective layer to the outermost layer of your skin.

  1 whole orange and 1/2 an orange


Oranges are extremely rich in Vitamin C and orange pulp gives your body with some much needed roughage as well. Oranges also contain collagen and help in slowing the aging process. Furthermore, oranges can be used as a natural scrub and they can go a long way in clearing skin blemishes. Some of the main benefits of eating oranges are reduction in dark spots, lesser acne problems and fewer blemishes. This allows you to get a better skin texture and look healthier and younger in the process.

  2 whole papayas and


Papaya extracts are widely used in skin care as facial peels, cleansers, lotions and soaps. But, the natural fruit is also believed to be equally effective and beneficial for your body. It helps you to get a youthful glow and aids in your digestion. Papayas are extremely rich in Vitamin A, beta carotene and Papain. They help to create a tightening and brightening effect on your skin. Furthermore, papayas act as a powerful antioxidant as well as a digestive aid that helps in breaking down the inactive proteins. This allows the skin to fight the damage caused by free radicals and also boosts cell regeneration.

  Whole apple with quartered apple chunk


Apples are considered to be the richest source of malic acid. Malic acid is a fruit acid that is a type of Alpha Hydroxy Acid in the world of skin care. It is believed to be gentler than salicylic acid and glycolic acid and it helps your skin to look firmer, healthier and younger. Malic acid basically works by renewing the skin without causing any sort of damage whatsoever. Apples are extremely rich in fiber content as well. This helps the body to clean out the colon and regulate bowel movements. In doing so, apples help your skin to remain pimple free. Apples offer amazing antioxidant action to your skin, prevent tissue and cell damage and work as anti-aging ingredients as well. They minimize your fine lines and wrinkles as well.

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