Lemons and spoon full of Citric Acid

Citric Acid is commonly used as a natural preservative and pH adjuster in skin care products. It helps to adjust the pH level down to 4.5 – 5.5. This goes a long way in making your skin and hair follicles feel smooth and shiny. Citric Acid is essentially a naturally occurring acid that is found in citrus, coffee and fresh fruits. It is usually derived by fermenting fruit sugars. Citrus acid is also known to be a weak organic acid. The discovery of this highly beneficial ingredient can be attributed to Jābir Ibn Hayyān, a Persian alchemist who discovered it in 8th century. However, Citrus Acid was first isolated from lemon juice only in the year 1784 by Carl Wilhelm Scheele, a chemist from Sweden.

The production of industrial scale citric acid began around the year 1890 and its importance has grown ever since. Citric acid has been accredited with all sorts of skin treatments such as brightening the skin, treating mild symptoms of acne, rectifying dark spots, removing fine lines and shrinking pores. It is a popular ingredient in scrubs, shampoos, moisturizers, masks, peels and toners. It is also believed to be one of the most astringent fruit acids in the world.

When citric acid is applied to the skin, it can also help in removing dead skin cells and boosting your cell turnover. This helps to promote new skin and remove the appearance of acne scars, uneven skin tones, uneven texture, minor wrinkles and age spots. Today, citric acid is mostly used because of its skin lightening and astringent properties in the skin care industry. Furthermore, citric acid is also believed to be an effective antioxidant which helps in regenerating skin tissues and slowing the skin aging process.

Now that you’ve understood how citric acid works on your body, why not understand the various ways in which it can help out with skin care.

Getting rid of pimples – Citric acids are very useful in getting rid of pimples. In fact, citric acids rank among the best ingredients for those wanting to reduce and lighten their pimple marks.

Removing dark spots and reducing pigmentation – Citrus acids are very beneficial for people wanting to get rid of skin issues such as freckles, age spots and dark spots. Formulas which contain citric acids help to clarify the skin over time and reduce the dark spots and freckles present in the skin.

Getting rid of acne – Citric acids can be used to help people with acne problems.

Skin Whitening – Citric acids function as a natural bleaching ingredient. This helps you to brighten your skin tone if you use products that contain citric acids on a regular basis. Furthermore, citric acids are also known to be useful in reducing irritation.

Removing blackheads – Citric acids help people to remove their blackheads by reducing the extra oil content in their skin. It is a well known fact that excessive oils in the skin are a common cause of blackheads.

Strengthening the cuticles – Citric acids help in increasing the production of proteins and keratin in your cuticles, thereby helping them to become stronger.

Beautifying discolored elbows – Citric acids are also used to bring back color to discolored elbows. They work by reducing the dark patches on the skin around the elbows.

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