Natural VS Chemical – What You Need to Know

Young woman using skin care products For every good there seems to be an equal and opposite bad. Superman had Kryptonite, Batman had Joker, GI Joes had Cobra, the list could simply go on and on. Each and everything in the world is known to have an opposite match for itself. It’s the same when it comes to skin care products as well. There’s a constant battle between choosing natural versus chemical skin care products and making the choice is not always as easy as you think. To get a clearer picture and to understand which products are best, Vine Vera explains certain facts about both these options.

What are Natural Skin Care Products?

Natural skin care products those that claim to be made with botanical ingredients such as natural oils, fruit acids and fruit extracts. Sometimes these products are also referred to as “green” or “organic.” Most natural skin care products are thought of as being harmless especially when compared to synthetic or “chemical” ingredients. Marketing still seems to be ahead of science with products like these, there are still too few studies available on the subject to definitively prove whether or not these claims are true.  Homemade facial masks and ingredients to make them: oats, cucumbers, etc

What are Chemical Skin Care Products?

Chemical skin care products are composed of synthetic ingredients. Many of these ingredients are created especially to be more potent in their effects on skin. Some chemicals are also known to be extremely harsh for those with sensitive skin. It seems that the biggest cause of irritation in skin care products are the chemicals added to give a fragrance.

The case might seem to be completely against chemical products, but don’t judge these items on their simple descriptions. There are a number of cases where chemical skin care products are known to work wonders while the natural skin care products fail to offer similar benefits. Here’s what you need to know about skin care products.

Self Concerns

Most people have suffered from one chemical product or another in the past. But, more often than not those who experience irritation or other negative reactions have these experiences due to ignorance or a poor choice of product. Some people choose products that are not the correct fit for their skin type or skin issues and do not see the results they would like. Some others may not realize they have an allergy or a skin sensitivity to a specific ingredient. Most skin care products contain many different ingredients in one product, making it difficult for people to recognize the particular thing their skin is reacting too. Natural products are the seemingly more safe and healthy option and people always prefer to choose the safer option. But, it always helps to get expert opinions as there are many cases where chemical skin care products are known to be more effective than the natural ones and vice versa.

It’s not a choice between a safe product and a chemical product

It always helps to keep an open mind when it comes to choosing between natural and synthetic skin care products. There are a number of products that are known to be extremely beneficial for humans and not all concerns are based on the impact on your skin. Some concerns might be environmental as well.

Natural products are not always the safest option

Most people believe that natural skin care products automatically imply safe, but this isn’t always the case. There are plenty of natural products that can cause a great deal of harm to your skin. When you try any product, don’t take its safety as something that is obvious. Acquaint yourself with what the product has to offer and how safe it is for your skin. It is especially important to read and understand ingredient labels. Dermatologists and other skin care experts, suggest looking for products which contain particular ingredients that have been documented to be safe and effective. Know which basic ingredients to look for in your skin care.

Eventually, you need to decide on what product suit you best depending on how effective and safe it is for your particular type of skin, not by basing it on predetermined notions about natural or chemical skin care products.

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  1. Linda Bobbitt

    I was talked into buying your products today at one of your stores in Yorktown mall in Lombard il. After I have read the reviews online some were not very encouraging at all. I have sensitive skin and I need to know if this product will be damaging to my skin especially since I cannot return them.


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