Lemons and Limes If you’re searching for an ingredient that can cater to most of your skin care needs, look no further than Citrus Limon Extract. Citrus Limon Extract is known to be an ideal way of ensuring smooth, supple and flawless looking skin. It is considered to be rich in Vitamins B and C, Carbohydrates and Phosphorus, all of which are extremely important for your skin. Citrus Limon Extract, also known as Lemon Peel Extract, also contains the essential oil limonene, about 44 unique flavones glycosides, plant acids, citric acid, phenols, pectins, citral and flavanoids.

According to the Ohio State University Extension, Citrus Limon Extract acts as a potent antioxidant that can help in reducing and preventing birth defects and reducing the risk of stroke. One of the key features of Citrus Limon Extract is that it is rich in citroflavonoids, something that helps it in improving microcirculation, making it anti-inflammatory and allowing it to act as an antioxidant. The citric acid present in this extract also gives them astringent and antiseptic properties.

The powerful compounds contained in Citrus Limon Extract makes it a useful ingredient for skin care products, eye makeups, soaps and detergents, cleansing products, bath products and hair care products. The skin care industry mostly uses Citrus Limon Extract in cleansing, purifying and moisturizing products that can help out with blotchy and greasy skin. It is commonly used in whitening products as well.

Now that you’re aware about the properties and benefits contained in Citrus Limon Extract, why not understand how it can benefit your skin?

Helps remove dark spots and pigmentation. Citrus Limon Extract is an excellent option for those looking to heal their age spots, dark spots and freckles. Formulas that contain Citrus Limon Extract work to decrease your dark spots and freckles and clarify your skin over time due to the citric acid present in them.

Skin whitening. Citrus Limon Extract contains citrus acid that functions as a natural bleaching component in the human body. The bleaching properties allow the extract to brighten your skin tone, provided you use products that contain Citrus Limon Extract regularly. It can also help you to reduce skin irritation.

It helps to remove acne. Citrus Limon Extract can also be used to help you out with your acne problems.

Removing pimples. Citrus Limon Extract is used in most products that boast of allowing you to get rid of pimples. In fact, these extracts are considered to be one of the best remedies for lightening pimple marks.

Removing your blackheads. Citrus Limon Extract can help remove blackheads from your skin because the citrus component in the extract performs by reducing the amount of oil in skin. As you may already know, too much oil production leads to blackheads in your skin.

Beautify your discolored elbows. Citrus Limon Extract can also bring back color to your discolored elbows by reducing the dark patches on the skin around your elbows.

It makes your cuticles stronger and better. Citrus Limon Extract increases the growth of keratin and protein in your cuticles, thereby making them look stronger and better.

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