Fresh sugar cane ready for processing Saccharum Officinarum, also known as Sugar Cane, is a member of the grass family and is known to provide 70% of the sugar found in the world. Sugar canes are known to yield the highest amount of calories per unit area of cultivation. Records state that sugar canes most probably originated in New Guinea and were taken to the Americas by Christopher Columbus in the year 1493. Today, sugar cane is grown in more than 70 countries, most of them lying in the tropical and subtropical regions. India and Brazil are the largest sugar cane producers in the world, accounting for almost 50% of the world’s sugar cane.

Sugar cane extracts are considered to be a major source of lactic acid that have the capacity to leave your skin feeling silky smooth because of their exfoliation and moisturizatin properties. They help you to achieve the dual function of exfoliation and moisturization by removing your damaged, dry and dead skin cells and promoting the growth of new ones. These sugar cane extracts also contain glycolic acids that have the smallest molecular structures. This makes it easy for deeper skin penetration, thereby allowing for cellular renewals as well.

By now, it is already clear that sugar cane extracts are an excellent natural ingredient for skin care. No wonder they are used in so many cosmetics and skin care products made all over the world. Would you like to know how can these sugar cane extracts benefit your skin care routines?

Exfoliators – Sugar Care Extracts are a common ingredient in exfoliating products and sugar scrubs. They help you to make your skin healthier, remove dead, dry and damaged skin cells from the outer layers of the skin and allow your skin to become more uniform in its appearance and develop a radiant glow. Sugar cane extracts are also known to be more gentler ingredients than the other ones that are used in exfoliating products.

Moisturizers – Apart from being used in exfoliators, sugar cane extracts are also known to be extremely popular in moisturizing products. Sugar canes are considered to be the main source of glycolic acid. Moreover, AHA and hydroxyacetic acids are considered to be excellent ways of battling skin aging, treating acne problems and removing blackheads. AHA also contains certain therapeutic properties that allows it to assist in minimizing photo damaged skin.

Face Masks – Sugar cane extracts are also known to be extremely useful in reducing blemishes and ensuring that the skin remains hydrated. As a result, they automatically become preferred ingredients for face masks. Their unique properties not only allow the product to make you feel refreshed, but their therapeutic properties also ensure that your face gets healed as well.

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