Vitamin C the New Cure for Cancer?

Vine Vera reviews a few new reports which point to Vitamin C as the new miracle for cancer victims.
Vitamin C may be an effective treatment booster for cancer patients
Though Vitamin C has been used by practitioners of alternative and holistic medicine dating far back into the past but it was mostly dismissed by conventional medicine since the 1970s. At that time there was a round of tests done on the efficacy of Vitamin C as a treatment for cancer but they all showed the vitamin as being ineffective. After three decades of anecdotal evidence researches decided to do new studies to determine if they were overlooking something and the results were illuminating.

Recent research studies by the University of Kansas Medical Center delved deeper into this seemingly contradictory mystery. How could it be that earlier investigations seem to be called into question by daily reports from doctors and patients? In order to get to the bottom of this conundrum they led a clinical trial on 27 patients who had either stage 3 or 4 ovarian cancer. Patients were divided into two different groups: those receiving medicines such as paclitaxel or carboplatin and those who were taking the medicine along with a high dose of intravenously administered Vitamin C. The study lasted for 5 years during which the group receiving Vitamin C alongside their conventional medications experienced a much lower frequency of toxic side effects. Scientists also studied rodents in a laboratory setting and found that in this instance as well Vitamin C could kill cancer cells with little to no negative side effects. They believe that conflicting findings in previous studies were a result of patients being administered Vitamin C orally rather than intravenously, rendering it much less useful.
Researchers are shedding light on the best uses of Vitamin C in cancer treatments
Chemotherapy drugs can cause a laundry list of debilitating side effects such as higher incidence of infections; dietary and intestinal issues; changes in memory, appetite, sexuality, and fertility; fatigue; and nausea. It seems that any substance than can ease this long list of side effects would be extraordinary for cancer patients. Unfortunately, most conventional medical doctors still view Vitamin C as an incredulous treatment for cancer. Hopefully, as more new studies are published and results are viewed as a whole they will give doctors pause to see Vitamin C for what it really is – a healing elixir in the fight against cancer.

In March, on the other side of the world, Professor Lee Wang-jae of Seoul National University’s College of Medicine also called for an expansion of the number of research studies on the benefits of Vitamin C in the treatment of cancer. In an interview with The Korea Times he stated, “Medical oncologists are too exclusive, and patients are suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy…” He believes that at least some of the reason that the positive effects of Vitamin C have not been widely recognized is because dosage has been too low. Scientists having observed large amounts of Vitamin C being excreted in urine came to believe that the body was getting rid of extra Vitamin C. They began warning people about the dangers of excess Vitamin C consumption. But Wang-jae believes this is not accurate and higher doses of Vitamin C distributed throughout the day benefit not only cancer patients but healthy people as well. In his recent studies he showed that intravenous administration of Vitamin C is much more potent than oral because it can deliver the higher doses needed to be effective. Vitamin C is effective in cancer treatments when taken intravenously rather than orally

Vitamin C may not be able to cure cancer but it looks as though it delivers extremely impressive treatment results when administered alongside chemotherapy and cancer drugs. More research and studies on the Vitamin can only bring to light more information which will hopefully lead to the improvement of treatments for people afflicted with this terrible diseases. Along the way we may even learn more about the aging process and how to slow it down.

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