Healthy Skin & Body: The Foods You Should be Eating

Although Vine Vera Skincare wants to nurture you on the outside, it’s just as important to nourish your body from the inside to get the beautiful skin you want. Health occurs both on the outside and the inside, so eating the right foods can get you a good base to keep your skin healthy to apply the right moisturizers and cleansers.

Vine Vera reviews ten foods that you should be eating in order to help boost your skin’s best health:

FISH: Tuna, salmon and other kinds of oily fish and shellfish contain Omega-3s, which are the good kind of fatty acids that not only help your heart and joints but also can protect your skin from sun damage that ages it.

GARLIC: This potent herb is great for your heart and is also filled wit Garlic cloves and Citrus Lemon h antioxidants and can kill off bacteria and viruses that can get into your skin. It also increases circulation, which is vital for your skin’s natural glow.

CITRUS: Lemons, oranges and grapefruits all contain Vitamin C, which we know is great for the immune system but also offers plenty of anti-aging skin benefits when consumed, including helping the skin product natural collagen.

EGGS: They’re not only filled with protein, but have plenty of nutrients that help replenish the skin such as B-vitamins. In addition, there are varieties that also contain Omega-3s, the same good kind of fatty acids found in fish. Many of these benefits are in the complete egg, so think twice before tossing the yolk aside.

CHOCOLATE: Ignore what your mom told you about eating too much: Dark chocolate is packed with flavorful, an antioxidant that is crucial for healthy skin. Just be careful about sugar intake with your chocolate, as it can hurt your skin as much as the cocoa can help.

AVOCADOS: Although this creamy fruit once had a bad reputation, this fruit is filled with B-complex vitamins and Omega-3s that provides plenty of moisture — one of the reasons why the oil is so desirable in skincare.

BERRIES: Chock full of a Mixed berries are good with Real yogurt ntioxidants, berries also provide vitamins which fight the free radicals that might age you. Strawberries have more Vitamin C than some citrus fruit while blueberries pack ingredients to ward off free radicals.

YOGURT: Low- and non-fat varieties are packed with proteins, vitamins and probiotics that your body needs to stay healthy, which keeps your immune system running and your skin clear. Don’t limit yourself to yogurt, though – other low- and non-fat dairy products can help your skin, too.

ALMONDS: These are packed with Vitamin E that can protect your skin from UV ray damage and good fats that keep skin cells strong. Other nuts and seeds can also pack Vitamin E and good fats, but be careful to watch your portions, as they can also pack calories.

BEETS: They’re nature’s candy and filled to the brim with Vitamins A and E along with micro minerals that your body needs to reduce toxins.

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