ACE Your Skin Care Routine With Vine Vera

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When it comes to skin care formulas, three vitamins in particular are essential ingredients: A, C, and E.  When you look the ingredient list of your skin care products, you may see these vitamins listed under their scientific name: Retinyl Palmitate (A), Ascorbic Acid (C) and Tocopheryl Acetate (E). The all have individual roles to play in your general health as well as your skin health, but they also work together to become even more beneficial for your skin.

First, all three are powerful antioxidants. The importance of antioxidants in your diet as well as your skin care products cannot be stressed enough. Antioxidants are a natural defense against oxidation caused by free radicals. Everything from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and pollution to the body itself produces free radicals.

Free radicals are imbalanced molecules which are on the hunt for an electron to fill their outer shell. They find one buy stealing from the molecules surrounding them, which turns that molecule into a free radical, which starts a chain reaction of free radical transformation called oxidation. Too many free radicals can damage cell structures. And although the results aren’t immediate, the free radicals can have an aging effect on your skin.

Besides working as antioxidants, the these three vitamins bring anti-aging benefits to your skin.

Vitamin A

This is one of the most important vitamins to skin care health. It is very helpful with preventing and treating acne as it reduces the size of the oil producing glands on your skin, which minimizes your chances of breaking out. However, it’s also a vital moisturizing vitamin. As the skin ages it tends to become drier and duller. Vitamin A is directly related to increasing the moisture level of your skin.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is ascorbic acid, which is an essential component to collagen production. Collagen is a protein that forms the structure of the skin and is crucial to your skin’s appearance. As the skin ages, collagen production decreases, and without it the skin loses its framework and wrinkles and lines appear. Vitamin C encourages collagen production, ensuring that skin retains its youthful appearance. The Vine Vera Vitamin C Collection was reviewed by Abby from “Twist Me Pretty”. To learn about her experience with this collection,  please read her review here.

 Vitamin E

vine vera Vitamin E gives these other two vitamins a boost. It regulates the body’s retinol (or Vitamin A) levels, keeping skin clear and moist. Vitamin E also teams up with Vitamin C to prevent and treat sun damage. Ultraviolet, or UV, light from the sun is the number one environmental cause of premature aging.  Vitamin E reduces redness and cancer-causing agents after being exposed to ultraviolet light. Applying a product with Vitamin E, such as the Resveratrol Malbec DNA Midnight Cream from Vine Vera along with your sunscreen before spending time in the sun, will offer your skin even more protection against VU light.

When choosing your skin care formula, you should know which vitamins and nutrients to look for. So if you want to ACE your skincare routine, make sure the vitamins A, C and E are all accounted for.  You can find them in a variety of our products, such as cleansers, toners, moisturizers and masks.

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